Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Day Offline Is A Productive Day - Or - I Got My Cabinet Organized

Spending all day Tuesday off the computer was the best thing I could have done!  I was able to totally focus on my paperwork attack!  And since I wasn't distracted by the computer (thinking I need to check comments, twitter, facebook and getting sidetracked) I even got other things done!  I did my daily reading, some cleaning, some laundry, put homemade applesauce in containers to freeze, made Chex mix in the slow cooker, made cornbread, sorted paperwork, sorted paperwork, and sorted MORE paperwork - LOL!

I didn't take a before pic because it was just TOO scary!  But I did get an after pic which made me feel better!


Not bad, right?  Now let's pretend that there are not still sorted stacks of paperwork on the dining room table waiting to be filed away in the appropriate spots.  Sounds like a Friday project...

I'm wondering if I need to do the totally offline thing once a week so I accomplish more.  We shall see!  Did you accomplish a lot this week (I know Kim did; I'm talking to the rest of you!)?

Have a fabulous day!  And stay tuned - the Chocolate Friday post is up next!


  1. Nice organization.
    I was offline yesterday except for about 10 minutes to quickly put up a post.
    We super cleaned a lot of stuff in the kids' rooms. Threw away a lot of junk and plan to take stuff to Goodwill. Rearranged some furniture and added some to the girls' room.
    I'm also cutting today short, to finish some cleaning in the school room.
    Don't care much for the cleaning, but love the clean house.

  2. LOL!!!! You are cracking me up! I really did get a lot accomplished this past couple of weeks. It started in my office, then the closet then the pantry. I'm a woman on a mission.

    You my friend did an excellent job on your cabinet!! Doesn't it feel good now?

    Big now that you're on a roll move to the next tackle size hugs to you!

    Have a great day my friend!!


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