Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Talkin' About Thursday ~ I Laughed So Hard When...

We are always laughing in our family!  It's hard to tell you about specific times that I laughed so hard because it's a regular occurrence here.  Our son makes us laugh so often (he has our goofy sense of humor)!  I was looking through pics and found a time where he made us laugh!

A few years ago, this is what he looked like in the morning when I went to wake him up.  Hmmm...looking a little puffy.

Yes, something is definitely not right here!

Aaahhhh...mystery solved!  He stuffed a pillow and blanket inside his pajamas and fell asleep that way! LOL!  So silly!  And he really is still asleep in that pic!

He's still making us laugh, though as he's getting older he's making us roll our eyes and shake our heads a lot too!  :)

Oh WAIT - I just thought of something that made our whole family laugh!  And I'm laughing about it right now!  I even got hubs' permission to tell you.  :)

A few years back, we were shopping in Dollar Tree.  As we were looking around, hubs wandered off with an item.  He came back with a sheepish look on his face.  He had tried to find an employee that wasn't busy and finally found one so he could ask her, "How much are these??"  *ahem*  :)  I think you can guess the price - the price of every single item in a store called DOLLAR Tree!  LOLOL!!!  

What's making you laugh?  Hop on over to Talkin' About Thursday at My Cup 2 Yours to see what's making everybody else laugh!

Have a joyful day!


  1. Oh the picture of your son is hysterical. And you can tell he's still asleep. Us Mom's know fake sleeping! LOL!

    And the story about your hubby, well, I'm going to plead the 5th on that one! LOL!

    Big everything's a dollar unless you ask for a price and then it's $2.00 size hugs to you.

    Have a great day my sweet friend.

  2. LOLOLOL...I love the pic of your son, oh my, LOLOL...this has me laughing right now, oh just gotta love 'em. :)

    Hubs, yup, I've had those days, I've probably done the same thing, so I'm not laughing!!! LOLOLOL

  3. Lisa,

    I LOVED this!!! Your son is too cute, and the fact that he stuffed the pillow and blanket in his sleeper is hilarious. This one is truly priceless.

    Thanks for the laugh today!


  4. Hilarious!!! I love it! Isn't it great to see their sense of humor at even a young age?! MIKI

  5. Hahaha!!I loved this post!

    Isn't there a commercial for a Dollar Store where a guy keeps going around the store, asking the employees how much stuff is?

  6. Boys sure are goofy, aren't they?


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