Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did You Forget Something?

People.  It's March now - almost Spring.  Some of you have forgotten to do something that should have been done in January - at the very latest!

That's right.  I'm talking about the Christmas lights that you put up on your house in November or December!

While we were driving from church and running a couple of errands on Sunday, our family decided to count how many houses still had their Christmas lights up.  Any guesses?  22!!  Plus one with a Christmas snowman still above the garage.  That was only in the areas that we drove - I'm sure there are many more!  Maybe I could understand if we lived somewhere that was freezing and snowed in.  We don't get snow here.  It's sunny now.  The trees and flowers are in bloom.

Are your lights still up?  How many houses in your area still have them up?  Am I the only one who's bothered by this?  :)

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  1. There's always one family in the neighborhood that let's it go a little long. My former-roommate used to be like that. I have a picture of my oldest standing in front of the Christmas tree with her Easter basket!!

  2. Oh my word...this is TOO funny!

    I'll admit, I pulled our lights (from around our front door) sleigh, snowman..down last night...AFTER dark.

    Of course, I NEVER leave mine up this late into the year, but I'll blame it on the fact that I had foot surgery right after Christmas and my recovery's been a little slow.

    But wait..I do have a husband and 2 children (age 21/18) who probably could have taken then stuff down. lol

  3. 22? Wow! What a number!

    We never put any up. So that makes it alot easier to take down ;)

  4. My DH is much more diligent about these things than I am. He made sure that our decorations were all put away by the end of January.

    Over the weekend, though, we drove past a house with two big plastic Santas in the front yard. How long can it take to carry them to the garage?! LOL

  5. Mine are down!! Yeah!!! I took them all down a couple of weeks ago when we had a lovely spring-like day (but I knew I couldn't rake the leaves off my flower beds quite yet).

  6. I actually get mad when I see Christmas lights still up. I don't why, but it just makes me made, and there are plenty of houses around here with their lights still up.

  7. Ours are still up... but we just got rid of all the snow this week. Not safe to be on the roof with ice and snow. I did have my son take the decorations off the front porch the other day once all the snow had melted off.

  8. You are not the only one who is bugged by this!! I AM. It drives me crazy... not far to go tho. Ours are down and packed away until next Thanksgiving weekend.

  9. This year was the latest we had our lights on. We just took them off about 2 weeks ago. We had all the snow and couldn't safely get on our roof to take them down. It was very embarrassing considering I'm the one who always makes fun of those who leaves theirs up. Um yeah. Lesson learned!

  10. How did you know that I just took the last of the lights off my bushes this past Saturday?
    I wasn't being lazy or forgetful (yeah, right) it was just TOO cold to stand outside!


  11. This is the third posting I have seen on this topic today!

  12. LOL! I do still have ONE Christmas thing up- one of those big red bows with long streamers...I used it to pin my Christmas cards to in my dining room on the wall...I keep hoping my husband will read all the cards, but I will get this off the wall today! I guess it IS time!...

  13. LoL - I'm ALL FOR tearing down anything that perpetuates feelings of winter. :) I'm guilty, too, though. I just came across a similar situation in my van the other night! The radio fuzzed out and I switched to CDs and they were all Christmas music! After I lost my job and stopped commuting I haven't driven much and never changed them out. So the kids were in their carseats jamming to Mannheim Steamroller. :)

  14. My husband took ours down last weekend! I think that is the longest we ever left them up before. LOL

  15. To be honest I haven't seen any in our neighborhood.

    But I'm thinking about doing our house in Red and White next year because you could totally use that for Christmas, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, etc.

    Year round lights BABY! Woo! Hoo!

    Big I'd rather just move then take down the lights size hugs to you!

    Have a fabulous day my friend.

  16. Oh my goodness yes! But of that 22 were any lit?! A house on our street still turns their on at night! And no, not just a few strands of white pretties or a spot light, all kinds of crazy colours and shapes and types. Yikes!


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