Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Warning: Sporadic Blog Postings Ahead

I know my blog posting hasn't been as consistent lately - I might have 3-4 posts one week and 5-6 the next.  I think I should warn you that it will be more like 3-4 posts a week during this month.

I can't seem to focus on too many things at once and do all of them well.  Right now I am trying very hard to work on getting healthier (my progress is updated weekly on my other blog) which involves me setting aside time to exercise and more time for meal planning, shopping and food prep.  I'm also focusing on actually doing a good job keeping up my house.  I created my own little system to try out and it seems to be working somewhat.  I have a list of daily chores which sadly is taking me most of the day to complete - not because they're that time consuming, but because I'd much rather play and constantly have to keep from getting sidetracked.

And this month is just busy with things outside the home - today is a lunch with friends for a birthday; tomorrow is Bible study with friends and baseball practice for my son; Friday I need to cook ahead for church potluck since I'll be busy Saturday; Saturday is Weight Watchers, a tea class, son's baseball, and a baby shower; Sunday is church and a potluck; and Monday is Open House at school which is when son's science display board and report (on magnets) are due for display. didn't ask for my schedule?  LOL!  I know I'm not busier than anybody else (many do MUCH more than me), but it's enough to seriously limit my time online.  I've been too tired at night to work on posts and too tired in the morning to work on posts (may also have something to do with the fact that I've been consuming less caffeine)!  :)

All of that to say that I am still around, but may not have a daily post!  But there will always be Chocolate Friday (this Friday is actually Dessert Friday since it's the first Friday of the month so you can share chocolate or non-chocolate desserts)!  And there will be promoting of some Etsy shops this month and there WILL be some giveaways coming up!

I hope you'll stick around and check in frequently!  I enjoy it when you stop by and even more when you leave a comment and say hello!

Is this a busier time of year for you?  Do you have other things you're trying to focus on?  Would you like to share your schedule for the next few days - LOL?

Have a wonderful day my friends and I hope you find a few moments to relax!


  1. You are definitely busier than me! LOL!

    Big I'm free till the end of the month when it's Kathy's b-day size hugs to you!

  2. Yea for you and keeping priorities :)

    I think I actually could have written this post. I'm trying to get back on Weight Watchers and excercise. I, too, take too long to get stuff done because of trips to the computer (like what I'm doing now ;)). And my week ahead sounds like yours... Friday hair color appointment (priorities, you know :)), Sunday church and small group/potluck Sunday eve., meeting at Edward Jones on Monday, Guitar and Violin lessons for children on Tuesday, another meeting Friday with financial advisor (trying to figure out where to rollover a 401K), and Spring Cleaning Day at church on Saturday. That's just giving me the shivers....but you didn't ask for my schedule either! :)

  3. I am actually coming out of a really busy time and then going right back into one. So, I have a little time to catch my breath and then get going again.

  4. Sounds like you are making choices that are good for you and your family. I need to make better choices with my time ....up too late...up too early...tired in the afternoon...

    Keep living life to the fullest...and slowing down to nibble a chocolate from time to time!

  5. The next few weeks are going to be busy for us too. So I completely understand!

  6. So proud of you for your commitment to your physical goals!! Blogging will wait ... You go, my friend!!

  7. Boy could I use a "system". At almost 70 years of age, I have taken on a job as caregiver for a lady with Alzhiemers. Seems like the days inbetween fly by and I don't get anything done. I have a quilt that I need to finish, it stares at me daily!

  8. I honestly don't know how you keep up with more than one blog, and do all that you do... and do such a Fantastic Job of it!

    Maybe, next month will work for us getting together for lunch as this seems to once again be a busy month for me too.

  9. I've been in that boat for oh about six months now.

    Now, let's see... the next couple of days:

    Tonight I need to make both chocolate and yellow cupcakes (per my dd's request) for her birthday tomorrow and go to exercise class.

    Tomorrow is dd's birthday so I'll go to work then take cupcakes to her class then we'll celebrate as a family.

    Saturday the celebration continues with a small party in the am, zoo in the pm, then dinner with grandparents in the evening.

    Sunday... church. 'nuff said.

    Monday, I get a break as I go back to work.


  10. My life seems like it is that busy all the time. And there is no way that I could post everyday. I do not know how people do it. I am lucky to post every other day and sometimes I found myself not getting back again for a couple of days. If I put that pressure on myself to try to do it just because, I think it would cease to be fun and be more like a responsibility. You have a great blog. It is nice to visit here though. :)

  11. Am I to early for the chocolate post?

    Here is mine

    read that you also can do dessert once a month.

    Happy weekend.

    Take your time the worls is more then blogging, MB


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