Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WFMW ~ Backwards Edition: Housecleaning - Help?

Today is the backwards edition of Works-For-Me-Wednesday!  That means I get to ask you a question and you *get* to give me some input!  I love input from my readers - you all are so wonderful about sharing!

If you've read my blog for a while, then you know that I am a perfect homemaker and have an excellent system in place for keeping my house clean - HAHAHA!!  Oh I couldn't even keep a straight face there!  :)  Sadly, the housecleaning is my biggest struggle and I need a really good system/schedule that will keep me on track but not overwhelmed.

I would love to hear what works for you as far as housecleaning systems and schedules!  What do you do?  Is there hope for me??

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  1. I'm fortunate to have a small house & 2 teenagers who keep the larger of their mess to their rooms. I work Mon to Fri, & I don't like to spend my weekends cleaning. So, Thursday night has become the night that I do my usual clean (not the bigger stuff).

    I begin with sweeping (while someone else is doing dishes), I vacuum, dusting gets done every other week (or mon!!) and then the 2 bathrooms. In about 1.5 to 2 hr, I'm done. Laundry is left until Fri night or Sat. And then my Sat & Sun are free for gardening or day trips.

  2. My thoughts on this are here ... This has been my method for almost five years now and has worked very well!!

  3. Monday is my cleaning day and I keep it as appointment-free as I can. Also, I do at least one load of laundry a day so it doesn't get out of hand. For special projects, that is a work in progress:-) That's why I do Tackle It Tuesday. It forces me to do stuff so I have something to blog about:-)

  4. I recently started using a system that I really like called motivated moms. It is a yearly calender broken down by the week. There are chores to do daily and then there are chores to do on each day of the week.

    What I really like is that it will have you just clean one drawer of a the refrigerator out instead of the whole thing. It keeps me on track because what I tend to do is get so into a project that I don't move onto the rest of the chores for the day so we have a clean fridge and the rest of the house is a big mess.

    It is $8 for the yearly calendar:

  5. Boy could I go on about this. I am wonderful at scheduling, just not in the following dept...

    At best, convenience is key so we don't put things off.

    Let me know of your conclusion.


  6. Hire a cleaner, that's my plan! I hate housecleaning and it constantly gets put off.

    The only time it ever did get done on any kind of regular schedule was when both hubs and I were working out-of-the-house and we had a cleaning night {every Thursday}.

  7. Sorry, I wish I could help you. I could offer to send some of my children to help you, but they haven't finished ther chores yet. Hee hee

  8. My best thing is to work on one thing each day and spend only fifteen - twenty minutes on just picking up after my daughter after she goes to bed. Today my one thing is to fold the laundry that I washed on Monday and tomorrow its going to be to clean my room.

  9. Oh my friend, I would love to help. But this is one of my greatest weaknesses. I'm trying to set one day a week aside for it. Some weeks that works. Some weeks it doesn't. I'll probably go check out some of the resources these ladies mentioned. They sound like great ideas!

  10. I've tried about every method in the book and what I've found that works the best is to not procrastinate. Ugh! I hate that word because I'm so good at it.
    If the floor needs vacuuming I do it. If the bathroom needs cleaning, I do it and so on. That way I stay on top of things. I don't designate certain days for things because then I feel to committed. Plus what if your having company on Thursday but your not "scheduled" to vacuum til Friday. See? It would just mess with my brain too much! LOL!

    Now when it comes spring cleaning I do just what I've been doing. I get on board with someone who is leading something like that on their blog. In this case I've been doing it with the Christian Homemaker. It's great for accountability and fun to know everyone else is doing it with you.

    Just don't let things pile up is what I've learned.

    Big if only I was rich I'd have someone clean for me and not have to worry about it size hugs to you!

    Did you really want to know all this? LOL!
    LOVE YA!

  11. I wish I could help you with this, but this is my biggest weakness. Thanks for asking the question because I have been reading the comments and have some good ideas again.

  12. I love all of the input! Thanks for the help - you've given me a lot to think about!


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