Friday, May 28, 2010

Would You Like Chocolate With That? ~ Chilled Desserts

Another busy week is coming to an end.  School is almost over and summer will soon be here.  That calls for a little chocolate celebration!

I had hoped to share a new recipe with you today, but didn't have time to try either one that I had planned.  So I thought I'd remind you of a few past chocolate desserts.  Since many of you are experiencing warm weather and the rest of us will feel it soon, here are some chilled chocolatey desserts to keep you cool!

Hopefully at least one of those will work for you!  What are your favorite chilled chocolate desserts?

Don't forget to link up YOUR chocolate posts now!  Any family-friendly old or new chocolate post will do.  I'd love it if you would share!

Have a lovely chocolate-filled day friends!


  1. Those look really good! But hands down my 2 favorite chilled desserts are my Peanut Butter Pie and Chocolate Cream Pie. From scratch of course. LOL!

    Big chillin' desserts are good to have when it's 88 degrees out side even if your not out there but your inside where it's not 88 degrees size hugs to you.

    Love you girlie!

  2. Our Candy Bar Pie is basically the same as your Chocolate Almond Pie, but there are a couple of differences so I decided to submit it. (Try it with the the walnut crust!) It's a perfect chocolate dessert to keep in the freezer for a special occasion. And ALL of your suggestions look scrumptious!

  3. Some must tries on that list!

  4. These all looks so sinful but so delicious! I don't know if I will try them all or not.


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