Monday, June 21, 2010

I Had The Nicest Lunch...

...with my son today!  It was unexpected and lovely.  We were out for an appointment and then I stopped by Whole Foods for a couple of items I hadn't found in other stores.  Our Whole Foods is located at a lovely outdoor shopping center with shops, restaurants, and a fountain in the middle - very pretty.

My son asked if we could go have lunch together at one of the restaurants.  I was caught off guard!  The kind of lunch that we usually get if it's just the two of us is McD's or In 'N Out or Subway - some sort of fast food that we take home.  It had never occurred to me to go to a nice lunch with him though I surely would have gone to lunch before now with a daughter if I had one.  My son is almost 11 - not like I need to run around after him in a restaurant!

So off we went to Boudin SF, yes THE place for sourdough bread!  We had an excellent lunch and my son loved it.  He was very well-behaved and we enjoyed a nice conversation.  What a gentleman and an excellent lunch date!  We must do it again soon!

It got me to thinking though.  We can't forget that it's just as important to have lunch dates with our boys as with our girls.  Our sons need to learn nice manners in a restaurant and how to act like gentlemen.  They need to know how to act around a lady if they hope to find a good wife and treat her right!  I'm so thankful that the Lord gave me this sweet opportunity today!

 Who could resist this handsome lunch date?

I should mention that there is a great Christian site for mothers of boys that some of my Twitter friends started.  It's called The Mob Society.  If you have sons, I suggest checking it out!

Have you had a lunch date with your son?

Have a lovely evening my friends!


  1. How fun! I don't think I could have resisted either. You're right. It's important to teach those skills as well.

    My son and I usually go to Sonic or McDs. Then we eat our lunch in the car while we listen to an audiobook. I can't decide if that's a good or a bad habit.

  2. Oh how fun! I took my son to Lowe's the other day so he could pick something out for his Dad and it was so much fun. I was in a "man's" place with my boy. It didn't get any better than that! LOL!

    Big lunch dates are fun especially when someone else is paying size hugs to you !

    Love ya girlie!


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