Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Musings

I'm borrowing the idea from my friend Charlotte again at Joyful Hearts and Faces and doing Monday Musings!

What I'm thinking: That I have so many projects I want to work on, but I never seem to get the daily stuff caught up so I can get to the projects!

What I'm reading: The Church in History by Kuiper.  It's actually a textbook for Christian schools, so it's fairly easy to understand and it's all stuff I know very little about.  Since I started it right around the time my son finished school, I'm reading it out loud every day so he can learn a few things at the same time.  I think the reading aloud is helping me to retain more of the info too.

What I'm listening to: Hubs listening to talk radio while he works from home today and son playing Wii Mariokart.

What we're learning: Son starts his swimming lessons today - hoping he will do okay since he's been sick with a bad cough for a few days.  Hubs got a guitar a while back and is reteaching himself to play (he played in high school).  I am just learning church history at the moment!  :)

What I'm watching: I've been enjoying the fact that we can watch instant movies from Netflix in addition to the ones we get in the mail (we're busy watching the whole Little House on the Prairie series) - we've watched some with the Wii on our TV (recently watched The Count of Monte Cristo and Looney Tunes) and I've watched some in the evenings in bed on the laptop (recently saw Lost in Austen, Brian Regan comedy shows, Confessions of a Shopoholic, Kate and Leopold).

What's cooking: Well nothing terribly exciting for the next 2 weeks!  I'm starting an anti-fungal diet for 2 weeks with a friend.  I have no medical reason for it, just to be off of caffeine and sugar for a couple weeks and hopefully jump start some weight loss before the time comes for our Summer trip!

What I'm buying: That would be groceries for the anti-fungal diet - gonna need some eggs, berries, almond butter, green apples, and extra veggies in addition to lean meats and fish.  Costco - here I come!

What I'm thankful for: I'm very thankful that my son seems to be getting better after being ill for a few days and glad that so far his cough hasn't turned into a lung infection again.  Also thankful that we still have the inhaler for him to use!  And I am always thankful for sunny days!  :)

What I'm creating: Meal plan for the week for my crazy diet.

What I'm praying: Praying that son continues to get better and that hubs gets better quickly (he seems to have what son has).  And praying that I can get some sort of routine set up for Summer days.

What I'm planning: Details for our Summer trip to Montana.

What we did this last weekend: Ran some errands and rested.  Son also had his end-of-season baseball party and got to play kickball, eat pizza and cake, and get a trophy!

What I'm looking forward to: Losing weight (I hope), watching son in his swim lessons, and just enjoying Summer days!

A picture to share:
Hubs and I were just looking at these pics the other day - this is my son in 1st grade (he's going into 6th now).  I think he was saying, "Cheese!"  LOL!

Have a wonderful day friends!  What are your plans for the week?


  1. Awww... I loved the pic of your son. And you must tell me more about this "diet".
    I need to do something, this whole moving, not moving, packing unpacking thing has got me all messed up.

    Big I like mushrooms but not around my mid section size hugs to you!

    Love ya!

  2. Loved this, Lisa!

    The book by Kuiper is SO good; I use it as a reference for school.

    So glad that the Boy is feeling better and I love his picture!

    I love this glimpse into your week...thanks for posting it!

  3. What a great peak into your life:-)

  4. Wow, yesterday I did laundry and Bethany had her last Europe meeting that I needed to attend so we went to my parents, had pizza, left the little ones there and went to the meeting. Today I am taking 2 boys to doctor. Austin for pain in one of the suture sites, Ethan for possible broken bones in hand. Tomorrow Owen dentist, Thurs. me Neurologist. I think that is it. I have many appts this month. Yay! Be praying for your family.


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