Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

I had a few random things I just really wanted to mention before the day was over...

~  If you are at all interested in eating healthy and using a "real food" kind of approach, you really should stop by Kitchen Stewardship (discovered her a while back through Musings of a Housewife).  I love her blog!  Her tagline is:  Balancing God's baby step at a time.  She has done so much research on food questions and tries to present both sides of different topics.  I trust her conclusions because of the thought and prayer she has put into them.  She has a great post that includes a list of what to eat, what to avoid, and how to compromise.  I'm going to print it out and work on improving things - one baby step at a time!

 ~ A friend gave me a Christian magazine to look at a few months ago called The Girlhood Home Companion.  I don't have a daughter, but if I did I would subscribe to this special magazine!  Each issue is a keepsake - filled with stories, craft ideas, wonderful recipes and more.  It would make a lovely gift and would be fun for grandmothers and aunts to use to spend special time with granddaughters or nieces.  It's published by Remembrance Press.  I was familiar with some of the names involved with the magazine:  Emily Rose and Breezy Brookshire ( - I heard so many good things about the Brookshires from Sarah Mae at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee), and Ann Voskamp (  If you have daughters, be sure to check it out!

~ I finally got to go to Homegoods to shop today!  It's been here a while, but I haven't been in - shocking I know!  I officially like it!  I officially do not like trying to maneuver a cart through the narrow aisles with many other carts going every which way.  Sigh.  But I got what I was looking for and made it out.  I would like to go back when I have more time and just browse - cart-free.

 ~  Tomorrow is Chocolate Friday!  That means you should find a chocolate post to link up on my blog!  It's just nice to share the chocolate!  :)

~  I feel the need to give you a warning instead of just springing it on you - I'm going to be taking a blog break for the rest of the Summer, starting next week.  I know!!  Tomorrow will be the last Chocolate Friday for the Summer and I'll have a post about my break on Monday and...that's it.  I do hope to be back in September, feeling all fresh and fabulous!  Don't be scared - you'll be OK.  You can stop by and look at chocolate anytime you need to!  :)

Have a lovely evening friends!

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  1. I've gotten that magazine for my daughter. It's lovely.

    And I will have to check out Kitchen STewardship, sounds right up my alley.

    And GASP! The whole summer? LOL!
    Well you won't get rid of me that easily! Bwah ha ha ha!

    Big fresh and fabulous is great after a shower but not sure if I feel that way after summer's hot break size hugs to you!

    Love you my friend and I completely understand!


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