Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: The Busiest Starbucks?

When I was in Florida recently, I saw something I had never seen!  Now I have been to many different Starbucks locations in a few different states (and yes, I'm a gold member), but these Florida Starbucks people must be *really* obsessed!  Do you see this Starbucks sign?

It's ACROSS the street from a Starbucks with a parking lot and a drive-thru!!  Wow.  That's it - I'm buying stock.  LOL!  Have you ever seen a sign like this?

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  1. LOL! I do have to say that it is probably the busiest in that area. I mean you don't want to be anywhere near that place at 8 am. LOL!

    Big it's sad that a coffee shop has overflow parking but not churches size hugs to you!

    Love you my friend!

  2. Nope. Never seen anything like it! It reminds me of when Minnesota got it's very first Krispy Kreme and there were people literally sleeping outside waiting for it to open in the morning. They had to bring in police to direct traffic. This went on for a good couple of weeks after it opened. CrAzY! Funny, because now the Krispy Kreme is closed and they turned it into a bank.
    Peace and blessings...and overflow parking...to your day!

  3. LOL!!

    Not to try to sway you from Starbucks or anything (I LOVE Starbucks,) but over the weekend we were near the beach and stopped at Peet's (no Starbucks in sight) and I had a Jasmine Lime Tea Cooler. Very yummy!

  4. That's crazy!! I have never seen that before!!

  5. Actually that's not a bad idea. My uncle has made a few bucks with Starbuck's stock. Here's it's not so bad but in bigger cities I can see them getting packed!

  6. I posted! I posted! I posted! Thanks for your encouragement. :) And it's about chocolate...maybe I could "link up" on friday!

  7. LOL...well you have to admit, they have a pretty small parking lot, and IF it got full, they would certainly want to make SURE that people would still come in and drop the cashola....so they must be directed...wouldn't want anyone (like me) to go without a Mocha!

  8. That is SO funny!!! They really must be busy!

  9. WOw, that's hilarious! Our $buck's definitely doesn't have that problem... although it's our main haunt most of the rest of the town prefers the cheap junk at another chain.


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