Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do You Talk To The Traffic?

I'm sure you ALL talk (or speak in a slightly *raised voice*...ahem) to the traffic, like I do - right?  Right???

Who is this helping?  Of course the traffic cannot hear you!  Is it all for the benefit of the other people in the car that can hear you?  Maybe it helps them truly experience the driving you are doing - heh,heh.  But what about when you are all alone and still talking to the traffic? (Oh please tell me it's not just me!)

I couldn't help giggling about it all last night when I actually heard myself talking aloud to the cars around me - and nobody was in the car with me.  LOL!  I was behind a very s-l-o-w car and heard myself say, "Oh that's not gonna work for me."  I made myself actually LOL at that one!  Here are a few things I've heard myself say:

~ Go, go, go, go GO!
~ Nice turn signal buddy. {sarcasm}
~ C'mon mister.
~ Dude!
~ Thank you!
~ Now we're talkin'.
~ You can do it!
~ Go ahead.
~ UNbelievable!

I'm sure I've said more!  It's rare for me to use full sentences though. 

What have you said out loud to the traffic lately?  (Please leave out the profanities as this is a family blog!!)


  1. You are definitely NOT the only one! I confess! I talk to traffic and computer and furniture and animals and pots and pans and pencils and well just about everything!

    My husband says he's never sure if I'm talking to him or some THING!

  2. Never NEVER okay that's a lie, I always talk in traffic whether people are with me or not. But usually it's for the benefit of making my daughter laugh if she's with me. Here are a few of mine.

    1. It's the long skinny pedal on the right.
    2. Really? WOW!
    3. Huh, the newer models don't come with blinkers.
    4. I'm sorry, can you not see the GIANT Expedition coming down the road.
    5. After you, King of the Road.
    6. Oh so YOUR the one that owns the road.
    And there are quite a few more but I don't want to bore you. LOL!

    Big if you talk while driving through a forest and a tree falls are you still heard size hugs to you! LOL!

    Oh me. Cracking myself up here.

    I love you my friend. And it's funny because knowing your voice I was totally hearing you say those things.

  3. Yesterday as I was driving back from lunch and coming round a gentle turn, the car coming in the opposite direction -- being driven very slowly, I might add -- was sooo far over the line on my side that I had to swerve to the right to avoid being hit. (An older woman was driving and just staring determinedly ahead!) I laid on the horn as I swerved and said "Move over, ya dork!"

  4. I do it too. Usually, it's "For REAL?!?" But I'm often the one doing the speed limit, which makes me the annoying one to the folks behind me, so a lot of times, I'm saying, 'I've moved over! No one's coming! Just pass me!!!!" Handsome does this more than I do, though, and it cracks me up.

  5. I totally do that!! That's why I have road rage:-)

  6. I've really worked hard at tampering down my road rage, but I still find myself muttering occasionally. *blush* I think my most often used phrases are "Oh for heaven's sake..." and "Are you kidding me?!?" I know, pretty tame compared to most...like I said, I've really been working on it!

  7. I so talk to traffic! Most often "What are you thinking?!?" and "Dude!" Funny that you use that too! I often talk to the other cars with my kids in the car and it just cracks them up . . . then I tell them to just wait--its in the genes!

  8. I think my talking to the traffic is why hubby always hops into the drivers' seat before I have a chance. Granted, then I tend to mock him for driving like an old man, but at least I'm not yelling at random strangers... :P

  9. I say a lot of "REALLY????" Mostly when people cut me off and then go slow!

  10. Lisa,
    You're not alone!

    Some of my expressions while driving include,
    "oh, you've got to be kidding me"
    "That wasn't your best decision of the day"
    "the accelerator - it's the one on the right..."
    "um, a turn signal would have been nice"



  11. So glad I'm not the only one!! I love hearing what all of you say! :)


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