Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Story Of The Styles, Part 1

Did you enjoy checking out my 80's hairstyles yesterday?  I thought you might enjoy some of the explanations, but I'll break it up into parts and share over the next week or so.

Ah yes, this first pic is my school pic for Sophmore year.  Not the best angle to appreciate the hairstyle, but I was enjoying the shorter hair and side part (new to me)!  I also had just had a friend help me with highlighting my hair (you can hardly tell - LOL).  Remember the plastic cap with holes and the hook you used to pull little pieces of hair through to highlight?  Ouch!  I love this pic because of the double collars standing up and all the color coordination - hee,hee!  Sooooo 80's.

This pic is about 6 months later - so what happened??  LOL!  This does have a story!

Well, my friends and I heard about a hair show and went to sign up for it.  It was a show for hair stylists to see the new styles and ways to cut hair.  The "models" had no say in what kind of haircut they would get.  I think there were at least 15-20 of us "models."  The stylists were going to cut some of the hair backstage and then show it off on the runway, but they chose me to cut on stage during the show.  They asked me if I was willing to go *shorter* and I said yes as I was excited about a new stylish cut!

They told us to come back the day of the show wearing men's clothing (since that was a cool look at the time) and they helped us with our makeup backstage.  My friends got their haircuts and looked cute (though they weren't necessarily happy with them at the time).  Then it was my turn!

Out on stage I went and sat in the chair with stage lights on me!  I bent my head down and then I heard a noise...clippers!!!  Oh yes!!!  They started buzzing the hair off the back of my head and the sides too.  Wow - wonder what my facial expression was - LOL!  Then they used scissors on the top and cut longer pieces for a sort of "new wave" look.  Then I had to get up and walk the runway to show everybody and I had NO IDEA what my hair looked like!!!

I was quite shocked but I actually did like it!  It was cool and I liked the attention at school.  And my philosophy always was "Hair grows back."  The pic above was taken by my Dad after I came home from the show!  Can you imagine what he was thinking?  His semi-normal daughter left for a hair show and came back with no hair - LOL!!  And that blazer, shirt and tie all came out of my Dad's closet - a bit of leftover wardrobe from the 60's-70's I guess!  In case you were wondering, that was my "serious model look."  I would have done a hair toss if I had any left.  :)

Such fun memories!  I'll cover Part 2 next week, 'cause you're fascinated, I know.

Don't forget: tomorrow is CHOCOLATE Friday!!  Write up a chocolate post or find an old one and bring it here to link up!

Have a great day friends!


  1. LOL! You know I was wondering if that picture was in relation to the runway story. Ha! You are just to stinkin' cute!

    Big the shaved spiky look had nothing on the mullet that I had size hugs to you!

    Now look how far we've come. Hee! Hee!
    Love you!

  2. What a great story! I'm loving the 80s hairstyles. Not that I ever had one ... LOL

  3. Lisa, this gave me an idea! I'll send you an email.

  4. I knew you were a runway model! :) I am quite sure that Kim is coveting your outfit in photo one,...what with all that red and white going on there, LOL

  5. I love the stories behind the looks:-)

  6. OMG... those are hilarious stories! I should scan in my high school shots... oy vay!


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