Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Posting Party ~ Pumpkin Decor

Welcome to another day of the Pumpkin Posting Party!  Don't forget to enter my little Fall giveaway and link up your pumpkin recipes to yesterday's post!

I like to do a little decorating for Fall and I am developing a love of pumpkins!  I only recently put a few Fall pumpkin touches around the house - very simple!  I still have to do something on my dining table and I may decide to shift some things around more, but I'll share my current simple touches.

That's it!  Not a lot, but it gives a hint of Fall.  I do want more pumpkin decor though - will keep my eyes open for deals!  :)

Do you decorate for Fall?  Do you like to decorate with pumpkins?

Tomorrow is the last day of the Pumpkin Posting Party and it's Dessert Friday - be sure to link up your dessert posts, with or without chocolate, with or without pumpkin!

Have a happy Fall day friends!


  1. Lovely my friend. Simply lovely. They actually had some pumpkin decor at the dollar store. And they weren't super ugly either.
    I really like your pumpkin salt and pepper shakers. Those are too cute.

    Big I wonder who the first person was that brought a pumpkin into their house and thought it looked good and left it there for decoration was size hugs to you!

    Love you sweet sister!

  2. Love your "little touches" of fall! I have several pumpkin theme decorations and seem to add just a bit more each year. Again not a total fall makeover, but a few things here and there. One of my favorites is a pumpkin soup tureen.

    I think I saw those pumpkin salt/pepper shakers at WalMart earlier this year. I didn't get them and then later thought about buying them and they weren't there anymore!

  3. You have such a great sense of style!

  4. I love the idea to put coffee beans in the vase with minis pumpkins! Such pretty decor, Lisa.

  5. I was searching around for some decorating ideas. All I have to say is that you're welcome to come and help out at my house anytime!


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