Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Go, Read, Comment

I was going to spend some time working on a post last night (this one doesn't count as it's just writing off the top of my head!) and decided to do something different.  Instead, I spent over an hour stopping by some of the blogs in my reader and actually leaving comments!

We are all busy.  I know that I don't always have a lot of time to post, let alone read other blogs and comment.  I barely post, skim through blog posts in my reader, occasionally say something on Facebook, and hop on Twitter once or twice a week for a few minutes to say hi.  But that sense of connection has been lost.  If it wasn't for comments, I wouldn't have the blog friends I have!  If it wasn't for comments, I wouldn't have kept on blogging.  Blogging only for comments isn't right, but it's in the comments that relationships, friendships, and connections are made.

Have you spent some time lately stopping by some of the blogs in your blogroll or reader and actually leaving comments?  That blogger just may need a boost of confidence or a hello from a friend.

I encourage you to take some time today or in the next couple of days - maybe skip working on a post or skip some Facebook time, etc. - and stop by some blogs to leave comments.  I'm not saying this trying to get comments here from you - in fact, I'm turning OFF the comments on this post so you go somewhere else to comment!  :)

Have a blessed day friends - see you around the blogosphere!
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