Monday, June 13, 2011

Sharing the Yummy Stuff

I've already mentioned that I love Pinterest.  I have a board of Yummy Things to Make and recently needed dessert recipes for a church potluck.  I just went to my board and looked around until I decided on 2 new recipes to try!  So cool!!

I'll share the pics with you along with links to the recipes.  I must apologize for the pics though - I was taking them in the kitchen at church just before serving so couldn't take time to do better! It doesn't take away from the deliciousness though!  :)

These had a light lemon flavor - stronger would be even yummier - but they would be nice cookies for an afternoon tea.

Well.  It just doesn't get much yummier than this.  This pie was GONE before I made it over to the dessert table after eating my lunch.  However, I do have my brainy moments and had removed a slice before ever putting the pie out on the table!!  Plus I needed blog pics you know.  :)  And yes, the ladies at church are used to me trying to take last-minute photos of food before serving it - LOL!

I had made the pie the day before and chilled it a bit before cutting my slice which made for a fairly clean cut, but you'll notice in the slice that the chocolate looks solid.  That's not the consistency you want.  I put it into a warm oven for a few minutes until the chocolate softened - perfect!

Got any yummy stuff to share?

Have a yummy day friends!


  1. Uh, YUM!
    Big I'm going to have to do the Shred twice just because I looked at these size hugs to you.
    Love you my friend.

  2. Those look so yummy! I am going to try the Smore's Pie one. And hearing you talk about the church lunch made me miss you....let's get together with Jeri next week. :-)

  3. I just finished signing up for Pinterest and was wondering what I would do with it lol. Love how you're using it for recipes to try. I'm such a visual person that having a display of photos in front of me to choose from would make things easy-peasy so to speak since I'm always spying things online that I'd like to make someday.

  4. Thanks so much for the link back!! SO glad you liked it :)


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