Monday, July 25, 2011

10 No Bake Chocolate Desserts To Beat The Heat

Are you suffering in the heat?  We're hot here, but not suffering - it's our usual Summer temp.  Either way - No Bake chocolate goodies to the rescue!!  :)

And I just happen to have *10* recipes for you - in honor of Top Ten Tuesday at Oh Amanda!

Without further delay, the no-bake chocolate...

Mmmmm...OK, which one are you going to try first?  I do hope you find one you like!

Be sure to stop over at Top Ten Tuesday to see more fun lists!

Stay cool today friends!


  1. Yum! Fantastic list :) I especially like the sounds of the frozen mousse... extra refreshing on the sweltering days. Mmm, then there's the choc. soup & the no-bake cheesecake...

  2. I pinned the Nutella bites. The ladies at the office love Nutella. They would love me if I made those.

    Great list!

  3. You had me at chocolate soup...

  4. Fantastic list of yumminess! I often make no-bake food. I find they actually taste better!

  5. Thanks for the list. I've just been eating choc, chips out of the bag in this heat, but now I am more motivated to make something - like chocolate soup or cheesecake

  6. Yummy! Now I want some chocolate! I think I'll try the Chocolate Dip with my kiddos this week. Thanks for the list and recipes!

  7. Your desserts always looks so yummy!!

    Big it's been a month full of desserts so I'm cutting myself off but maybe just one more size hugs to you!
    Love ya!

  8. Wow, I can't decide which one I want to try first. These all look amazing! :)

  9. Oh I was just thinking to make something sweet today but it is supposed to be 99 degrees! So I am thinking to try the Cheesecake or the Brownie Waffle Cookies. And you know I love the Cookies & Cream dessert...see you soon! :-)


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