Friday, July 8, 2011

Ever Had An Urge To Write An eBook? Then You Need *This* eBook! {Review}

My sweet blog friend Sarah Mae (from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee) recently wrote a very successful eBook called 31 Days to Clean (affiliate link).  Not only is it a helpful book, but it has brought in a nice income for her family.  Sarah Mae has just written her newest eBook How to Market and Sell Your eBook - everything you need to know to make money in ePublishing in order to share how she found success in ePublishing.

A little about Sarah Mae:
Sarah Mae, listed as one of The Christian Broadcasting Networks Six Women Leaders to Follow on Twitter, is an influential blogger, conference host, and author of the bestselling Ebook 31 Days to Clean-Having a Martha House the Mary Way, which sold over 11,000 copies in its first two months of release.
This book is easy to read and easy to follow.  Sarah Mae takes you through all the steps of the eBook process.  I think the book is best used by reading through the whole thing to get inspired to write your eBook, then going back through it in detail as you work on your book, using all of the resources Sarah Mae has given you.  There are so many great tips and links to more information - you get more than your money's worth for sure!

I have had a few book ideas swirling in my head for years and then as I heard Sarah Mae talking about eBooks, I had a couple of new ideas.  But then I read How to Market and Sell Your eBook and got another new idea that I may just try!  That is Sarah Mae for you - real, helpful, encouraging, and inspiring.  Whether you're just starting to think about writing an eBook or you've already written one and need marketing ideas, Sarah Mae has the info you need.  I like what she says near the beginning of the book:
If you’re reading this eBook, I know you’re ready to go for it…and I’m excited to be your guide and to share my experience and knowledge in the world of successfully launching an eBook. I want to see you succeed and grow something incredible. I know you can, and you will. Let’s do this. ~Sarah Mae
Are you curious?  Are you ready to write?  For more info on the book, stop by the website.  To buy the book, you can go here (note - this is an affiliate link, so yes I'll make a teensy bit of $ on the purchase.  That did not influence my review - if anything, it shows you how much I like the book because I was willing to sign up to be an affiliate!).

***Giveaway Closed*** Congrats to the winner - Mandy!!
But wait!  I have an extra copy of Sarah Mae's fabulous book to give away!  All you have to do is leave a comment and you'll be entered in the drawing.  If you spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, or any social media of your choice - feel free to come back and leave another comment telling me what you did for an extra entry!  I'll draw the winner on Monday 7/11.

Ready...Set...Go.Buy.Read.Write.Market.Sell.   :)

Disclosure:  I did receive a free copy of the book and offered to give an honest review.  I also received an extra copy to give away.  My opinions are my own as always! I have also signed up as an affiliate for Sarah Mae's books because I happen to think they're great books!

Have a great day friends!


  1. I don't see myself publishing an ebook, but it would be a good read if I think about it. I'd love the 31 clean book though...

  2. Love Sarah Mae and would love to win this book!


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