Saturday, October 29, 2011

Encouraging Bloggers ~ Thrive on the Encouragement of Others

Welcome back to Encouraging Bloggers - Part 7!  If you've missed out on anything, just stop by the Intro post for links to all parts of this series.  You're welcome here whether or not you're a blogger - you might find a little encouragement for yourself or you might be able to go out and encourage somebody else.

So sorry for the delay of this post!  My dad was visiting and we were out and about every day and up late every night.  By the time I could get to the computer each night, my brain was mush!  :)

I'm enjoying this series because I really am writing what I feel led to share with you and that often means last-minute changes to posts.  I had a post partly written but this felt more important to share so I just had to go with the flow!

I'm going to share a couple of links to posts that I ran across recently that I think are very encouraging for bloggers.  Why try to say it myself if somebody else has already done an excellent job?  I hope you are as encouraged by these lovely ladies as I am!  They are both wonderful bloggers and sweet ladies and I also love that they actually live in my same time zone (sounds funny, but most of my blog friends are Eastern time zone, making it harder to chat online).  :)

Encouragement from Others:

Melissa from The Inspired Room is not only inspiring with home decor, but inspiring as a blogger too.  She shared this post at (in)courage about her story as a blogger.  Thank you for encouraging us with your story Melissa!

Denise from Denise In Bloom is following God's leading with her blog even when it seems different than what she planned.  She felt led to share a special message for bloggers in a video.  Thank you for encouraging us with your heartfelt message Denise!

I hope you are blessed and encouraged by their words this weekend!  And I hope you are inspired to blog!  No matter what size your blog is - you are all unique, wonderful, remarkable and influential bloggers.

Have a blessed and encouraging day friends!!


  1. I've missed you my friend. I'm going to go check out those posts right now!

    Big mushy thoughts are not productive thoughts and I'm glad you waited size hugs to you!

  2. Thanks again, Lisa, these posts are so helpful right now.

  3. Thanks for sharing these links. Super encouraging!



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