Monday, November 14, 2011

Got Pears? ~ Pear Week Recap

Thank you for stopping by during Pear Week last week - I hope you found some new ideas!  I wanted to put all the links right here in one place so you know right where to go when you get a crazy urge to buy 50 lbs of pears!  :)

And I have one more pear recipe that you haven't seen yet - I posted it over at Pennies and Blessings.

It's a quick and easy Microwave Pear Dessert - stop on by and check it out (and say hi)!

In case that's not enough, I do have one more yummy pear recipe already on my blog:

Thanks again for coming by!  What's your favorite pear recipe?

Have a marvelous day friends!


  1. They all look scrumptious my friend.

    Big if you eat pears do you get pear shaped size hugs to you!

    Love ya my friend!

  2. Thanks for sharing so many delicious recipes! I've never been blessed with so many pears at once before! :)


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