Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pear Week Begins

I finally got rid of these Bartlett pears, so Pear Week can officially begin!  I had a few pears to try out in recipes - just 50 lbs worth!  :)

We recently took a trip to the lovely nearby Apple Hill area and I always come back with apples, but never pears.  But then I saw a special - buy 25 lbs of pears, get 25 lbs free!  How could I pass that up?!  Of course it said it was a canning special and I don't can, but I thought I would find plenty of uses for the pears anyway. I did, but it was a lot of work!  I ate a lot of pears, gave some away, and made a few recipes.  I have no desire to core and peel a pear anytime in the near future if you don't mind.  :)

Starting later today I'll be sharing my pear recipes with you!  You'll get some new recipes for pear muffins, pear sauce, pear cake, and pear pie.  Maybe you'll be inspired to try a pear recipe this week.  I hope you enjoy it all - I had to share the pears!

See you later with the first recipe!

Have a fantastic day friends!

1 comment:

  1. That's a lot of pears my friend!

    Big will there be a pear mug, a pear candle and pear tea to go along with your pear recipes size hugs to you? LOL!
    Can't wait for those recipes.
    LOve ya!


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