Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Books in 12 Months 2012

The last couple of years I've made a list of 12 books to read in 12 months to help me get back into reading.  The first year I completed 9 of the 12.  This past year, I read 10 of the 12 but also read other books for a total of 17 - woo hoo!

So here's what I read for 2011:

Finished a couple books from the original list of 12:
 ~ Knowing God by J.I. Packer
 ~ Speed Cleaning 101 by Laura Dellutri

Read 10 of the books on last year's list:
 ~ Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl
 ~ Organizing Magic by Sandra Felton
 ~ Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
 ~ Pilgrim's Progress (unabridged) by John Bunyan
 ~ You On a Diet by Roizen & Oz, M.D.'s
 ~ Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
 ~ The Jesus You Can't Ignore by John MacArthur
 ~ The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley & Danko, Ph.D.'s (Actually didn't finish - it's an old book and kept repeating the info I already knew.)
 ~ Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
 ~ Everyday Geography of the United States by Barbara Fifer

Read books from friends:
 ~ An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison (about bipolar disorder which my mother suffered from)
 ~ 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae (Going to join up with Joyful Mothering on Facebook next week and go through this cleaning challenge again!)

Read some books to review (and to enjoy!) on my blog:
 ~ Just Too Busy by Joanne Kraft
 ~ How to Market and Sell Your eBook by Sarah Mae
 ~ Notes to Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God's Plan by Brooke L. McGlothlin

I have a new list of 12 books for 2012, but I'm not going to put it in any certain order this time as I'll probably be reading some simultaneously.  I also know that other books will come along during the year, so I'm hoping that I'll beat last year's 17 books!  I make my main list only from books that we already own.  Why?  Because it drives me crazy that we own all of these unread books!  One of these days I'll have read them all.  :)

12 Books in 12 Months 2012:

 ~ Raising Your Children for Christ by Andrew Murray 
          - Finishing from last year's list.

 ~ Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot  
          - Reading out loud with kiddo - it's on his Junior High reading list and is fascinating anyway.

 ~ Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews 
          - I really need time management lessons!

 ~ Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis 
          - Gift from a friend, sounds like a wonderful book about missionary life.

 ~ One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp 
          - I know - I'm one of the few bloggers that hasn't already read it, but now I own it and look forward to reading!

 ~ Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider 
          - I.Need.This.

 ~ The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom 
          - Another one on kiddo's reading list that I look forward to reading.

 ~ Little Women by Louisa May Alcott 
          - On my original list and I still want to read it - was a much-loved book when I was younger.

 ~ David Copperfield by Charles Dickens 
          - It's on the shelf and scares me a little with the size, but I find that I like Dickens books so I'll attempt it!

 ~ 101 Hymn Stories by Kenneth W. Osbeck 
          - So many inspiring stories behind the hymns.

 ~ The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel 
          - For the reminder and the comfort.

 ~ How to Crochet by Pauline Turner 
          - I know the basics, but want to go through this to learn some other stitches and try some of the projects.

How about you?  Do you have a reading list?  I'm so glad I started doing this or I wouldn't have read as much as I have the last couple of years.  Written goals and accountability really help me!  Plus, the more I do read, the easier it gets to continue reading - helps the brain to focus I think.  

Money Saving Mom has a great free printable blank reading list that you can use!  And I'm linking up at Nesting Place where Nester and others are sharing what they've read this year.

Have a wonderful day friends!


  1. Oh I'm envious of your reading. I think I had time to read about 4 books this year.
    I can only read at night and by that time I'm tired and only get a few pages read before I fall asleep! LOL!
    You've got a great list. Organized Simplicity will change your life. It's great. One Thousand Gifts was good but not something I'd usually read. She has a unique writing style. I'll be curious to how you like it. Let me know.

    Big I expect a crocheted ornament next year for Christmas so you better read that one first size hugs to you!
    Love you my friend!

  2. If you handled Oliver Twist, you can handle David Copperfield!! I too really want to read Kisses from Katie...thanks for some other really great suggestions!

  3. good list! the Hiding place was one of my favorite books in Middle School. LOVED it (should read it again)

  4. Wow, I am impressed that you read 17! I am hoping to do better in 2012-we'll see. I think you'll enjoy 'One Thousand Gifts'.

  5. Little Women and One Thousand Gifts were my favs of the year and probably on my all time favs list. Enjoy! I'd like to read Kisses from Katie. This is the 2nd blog I've read that mentioned it and it sounds wonderful. Enjoyed reading your list!

  6. I'm another one of those bloggers who hasn't read One Thousand Gifts. I also seem to be one of the only ones who hasn't read Organized Simplicity either. Those two will have to go on my list for 2012. Little Women is one of my absolute favorite books and I read it often. It was my grandmother's favorite too. She gave it to me as a gift when I was in fifth grade. Another gift I received was from my best friend- the gift of crochet. I think it's great that you want learn some other stitches. I've been crocheting for five years and I love it! Good Luck and good reading!

  7. Over the break I've read four books. Sure, they were the mindless reading kind, but it sure was good to read again. I got a tablet for Christmas and with my Nook app am having a blast getting back into the books. I've recently joined GoodReads and hooked up with some bloggers/tweeps to see what everybody is reading. Hopefully this will give me some ideas. Happy New Year to you and happy reading too!


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