Monday, December 19, 2011

Encouraging Bloggers ~ Be You, But Better

Welcome once again to Encouraging Bloggers - Part 11 today!  Don't forget - you can stop by the Intro post with links to the whole series if you've missed anything.  I hope you're enjoying this little journey we're taking together.  Glad to have you here with me!

I've already mentioned before that you want your blog to reflect yourself.  Being YOU on your blog keeps you happy and is what draws your unique audience to your blog.  But sometimes we need more to stay motivated.

Are you satisfied with your blog?  Do you have blogging goals?  Do you feel the need to be striving for something?  Do you want to improve your blogging skillz?

If we keep blogging the same as we've ever done without goals (or new goals) or trying to improve ourselves, we may eventually feel like things have become stagnant.  Working toward something is more motivating than just doing something because you've always done it.  When I first started my blog, I was working toward learning how to do everything and building my readership.  When I felt like that goal was reached (or at least as far as I wanted to go) I floundered a bit.  Knowing your purpose is what really keeps you going, but striving for goals and improving your skills certainly helps keeps things new and fresh!

As we approach the new year, I think it's a good time to look at our blogs and make some goals.  There are so many things we can work on: writing with a purpose, writing more consistently, starting a link-up, learning to design, adding photos, taking better photos, making connections, learning how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.  Are there things you would like to improve on your blog or do you just prefer to keep things status quo?

I have been trying to gather links on one of my Pinterest boards called Blog Tips.  Stop by there to find different articles and tutorials for blogging.  I'm still adding to it as I remember or search places where I've found helpful blogging info.  Maybe you'll find something new on my Blog Tips board to try!  And if you are not on Pinterest - you should be!  :)

If you have run across some great articles or tutorials that have helped you with your blog, please share the links in the comments!  Helping each other improve our blogging skills and knowledge is another great way to encourage each other!

We are almost at the end of this series, but I do have at least another post that I want to share and then I'd love to end it with a link-up for everybody so we can visit and encourage each other some more!  But I'll wait until the new year to make that happen.  Enjoy this blessed Christmas season!

What blogging skills do you plan to work on?  Are you taking time at the end of the year to think about your blog and God's will?

Be blessed in your blogging journey!!  Have an encouraging day friends!


  1. Great post my friend. I've really enjoyed this series you put together.
    I'm hoping to find my funny mojo again. I've kind of lost it and I don't know where it went. *sigh*

    Big I'm a Pinner you're a Pinner, wouldn'tcha like to be a Pinner too size hugs to you!

    Love ya my friend!

  2. Ughh... my entire comment just blew up. If this duplicates, pls remove.

    This one hits me right where I need to make further updates. I truly hope others grab hold of this wisdom.
    Thank you for all of the encouragement and insight you have passed our way.


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