Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Encouraging Bloggers Link-Up Reminder!

Oops - I meant to remind you about this sooner!!  Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last Encouraging Bloggers post and an opportunity for you all to link up!  And maybe a small giveaway since you're all so sweet.  :)

You can write a new post that either encourages other bloggers or shares how you have been encouraged in blogging or that simply introduces your blog and what you are all about (or all of the above!)!  If you have already written a post covering these topics, you may certainly link up an older post.  You can use the image above in your post if you want (just right-click and save the image to your computer).

The link-up post will be up on Thursday (I will try to get it up by midnight).  Don't worry - if you don't have your post ready tomorrow, you can still link up on Friday and through the weekend!

Come on by and join the fun!  See you Thursday!  :)

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