Thursday, January 12, 2012

Encouraging Bloggers ~ Sharing is Caring

Welcome once again to Encouraging Bloggers - Part 13 today (can you believe it?)! You can catch up on the whole series by stopping over at the Intro post where I have linked up all parts. Whether you have been blogging forever, are just thinking about blogging, or only read blogs - you are welcome here!

I have been doing my best to share from my heart and my blogging experience to encourage all of you. But I thought you might like to hear some encouraging words from bigger bloggers than me - bloggers who have tried to follow their hearts and God's leading with their blogs. They care about other bloggers and shared some encouraging words - just for you!

From the lovely Sarah Mae at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee:

My biggest encouragement would be to figure out your blog's mission (I got this gem from the fantastic eBook by Laura called Blogger Behave). Once you can hone in on the particular audience you are speaking to, and what you are called (and enjoy) to write about (have a focus-a vision statement), then you can be free to write and leave the results to God. You can still take strategic steps to grow (if you're wanting a larger audience or you'd like to earn some money), but stay focused. I highly recommend reading Blogger Behave because it will help you define your blogging purpose. Also? Find your voice; here's an article to help you find it: 10 Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice

From the beautiful Jessica at Muthering Heights:

Please, please, P L E A S E do *not* compare your blog to anyone else's!  Just as in any other sphere of life, comparison is a sure recipe for a whole host of convoluted emotions.  Whether you are tempted to compare up or down, flee from that desire, and instead, trust that God has brought just the right people to your site.  Ultimately, He knows who needs to read your words, and with whom you need to connect.

Excellent words from some talented ladies who have gone through many of the same blogging struggles and frustrations that you have! I love how we can share and encourage each other in this big ol' blogosphere, making it feel like we all just live down the block from each other.  :)  

We really have come to the end of my Encouraging Bloggers series, but I do want to have one last post next week with a link-up! I would love for you to post something on your blog - either what you and your blog are all about, or what has encouraged you as a blogger, or your best blogging advice, etc. - and link your post up here next Thursday (1/19). It can be a past post if you've already written something that fits well with these categories.

Be encouraged and keep on blogging! Do come back next week and link up a post so we can all have fun visiting each other! Let's make it an Encouragement *Party*!  :)

A special thank you to Sarah Mae and Jessica for sharing their words today!

Do you have some encouraging words you'd like to share today?

Have a beautiful and blessed day friends!


  1. I think you've done a phenomenal job with this series my friend. It's definitely one that I could send someone too that is struggling with their blog. Thank you for taking the time to pour your heart out about it.

    Big can you send me a reminder memo about next week because the information goes as quickly as it comes lately size hugs to you!

    Love ya!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouraging words, and for stopping by my fledgling blog. It really means a lot to know that there actually are others out there who are interested in the recipes and experiences I have to share.

  3. Insightful and encouraging post! Thanks for this series! :)

  4. Hi Lisa!

    Stopping by for the first time and really enjoyed perusing many of your posts! Sweet place you have here :)

    I also had fun reading your 100 things and can identify with lots of them.

    Looking forward to visiting again!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  5. Great post - Thanks for sharing! I'm a new blogger, one month down, many more to come...So glad you stopped by my Blog. SO so glad I stopped by yours...perfect read for me!

    Cheers - New follower :)

    Mary (

  6. Glad you have been encouraged and nice to meet some new friends too! :)


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