Monday, January 2, 2012

Three Words for 2012

For the last 2-3 years, I've been seeing people come up with one word to focus on for each year rather than making New Year's resolutions which often fail. I've always liked the idea and thought I'd try it this year. But I am rather a rebellious sort of girl (picture hubs nodding enthusiastically) so when you tell me I have to come up with one word, well...the hands go to the hips and I start wondering just why do I only need one word?  :)

So I came up with three. Three times as good as the one-word I say - LOL!! I just felt that my one word wasn't giving the full picture of where my focus needed to be. Now that I've come up with the three - I'm a little scared, which tells me that I'm on the right track. Part of me doesn't want to tell you what they are because then I'll really truly have to follow through (or attempt as much as possible because none of us is perfect!). Only the Lord will be able to help me stick to my three words.

So, after some hesitation, here they are:

The great thing about these words is that I can use them separately or all together. Using all of them might sound like this: I want to create a peaceful earlier dinner time for my family. I will commit to meal planning and prepping dinner earlier in the day. I will complete my goal by consistently* serving dinner at a reasonable time and not causing my family to feel rushed or myself to feel stressed.

*Consistently is not 100% in my world, more like 90% ('cause last time I checked that was still an "A" - LOL!).

Do you have a word, or words to focus on for the new year? Or do you have resolutions or goals for 2012? I would love to hear them!

Have a wonderful day friends! (Notice - I wanted to create a post so I committed to writing it and making a pic of my 3 words and now I have completed sharing my words with you - hee,hee!)


  1. I myself have come up with a "motto" for this year. Do you really want to hear it? Okay, here it is.
    "Git er' done!" YUP! Gee, I might have to write a post about that too. Hmm...
    Big the irony is that I just came up with this and then headed over here and read your post which is kind of funny so it must mean something and now I'll just have to figure out what size hugs to you!
    You asked! Ha! Ha!
    Love you my friend.

  2. I usually do the one word but think I'm siting it out this year. Love your three words though and they sum everything up perfectly. Good luck! I think you have it in the bag.

  3. Those are great words! And definitely some I should be working on, but even though it's the 10th of January, I'm still trying to decide my personal focus for the year. Hopefully it will come soon!

  4. I Love your 3 words- and hope to incorporate more of each in my 2012 as well.
    Last year, I chose the word "Enjoy" and I think it worked pretty well. For 2012, I'm going with "Explore." I hope to do more exploring in areas large and small, in the great big outside world, and in my own heart.
    Cheers to a happy new year!


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