Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 Pink & Red Valentine's Desserts

It's always fun to look back through my recipes for ideas and I realized that I had over 10 posted that would be cute Valentine's Day desserts!  Gotta love the festive pinks & reds!  Maybe you'll spot your next favorite dessert.

Hey - I just realized that all but one of these desserts involve fruit in one form or another.  So...eating these desserts could be helping you get your daily servings of fruit?  You're welcome.  ;)

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What is your favorite dessert to serve for Valentine's Day?  Or do you have a favorite that you order at a special restaurant?

Have a blessed and lovely day friends!


  1. Oh I can vouch for the strawberry cheesecake ice cream. It's GOOD!
    They ALL look good.

    Big pinkalicious desserts always taste better on Valentine's day size hugs to you!

    Love ya!

  2. I have GOT to try the strawberry soup - it sounds amazing.


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