Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rewind and Renew

Just for fun, how about looking at a collection of new and old blog headers as you read?!  :)

Now that it's April, you'll notice a few changes around here!  And yes, I was hoping to do a fabulous new blog design all by myself {HTML is not my friend} but it wasn't turning out right so I went back to a design I had a couple of years ago - for now.  So, you know, if you want to professionally redesign my blog for *free*, just let me know - HA!!  But I thought that going back to an old design fit my theme of a blog "rewind" of sorts.  I need to get back to my original purpose in blogging and go back to some of my old ways while bringing in a few new things.

Why April?  This month is a big deal for me.  Coming up on 4/9 is my 4-year Blogiversary!  As of 4/1, I've been back to blogging for a year {I quit blogging for a "whole" 4 months last year.}!  And 4/13 is my bday - 42 - woo hoo!  And...the Ultimate Blog Party at 5 Minutes For Mom starts on 4/13 - so since it starts on my bday, I really should assume that their party is actually in my honor, right?!  :)  I'll be participating in that and I'll be having some giveaways coming up too!

I'll be using this lovely month of April to transition back to what I want to see {and hopefully what you want too} on this blog.  You can expect to see more posts {yes, more than once a week - LOL} on a regular basis. I hope to share posts that include: recipes, photos, household tips, encouragement/blessings, funny stories/memories, faith, and occasional giveaways and reviews.  For those of you who have been longtime readers - you'll realize that it sounds like what I used to have on my blog!  I want my readers to stop by, take a moment to catch a breath, feel blessed, find a smile, and go back to real life with a new appreciation of the little blessings in the day!

You'll see some new things around here too.  If you're looking for the link-ups that I participate in or my blogroll - they're now on separate pages - just click on the appropriate tabs at the top.  Also, I'm now offering advertising on my blog - see that sweet sponsor over on the right?!  I've got 1 or 2 others trickling in for April that I'll add as soon as I have the info.  I'll write a post about my sponsors once that happens.  If you're interested in being a sponsor on my blog, just click on the advertise tab at the top for more info!

I appreciate your patience as I rewind & renew to transition into what I want for this blog.  Be sure to come around next week as partying and giveaways will start up {there IS chocolate involved}!

Thank you so much for sticking around with me!  I appreciate all of you!

Which blog banner was your favorite?  Isn't it fun to look back?

Have a blessed day friends!!


  1. I think I need to do the same thing. Can I just copy and paste your post? LOL!
    I'll be watching to see if this works out for you because I have to do something myself.
    My favorite banner is either the 1st one or the 5th one.
    Big major do-overs are needed when you're in a slump like I am size hugs to you.
    Love ya!


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