Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes I just need a post full of random things to get you caught up and get my own brain on track! This is just such a post - LOL! Think of it like this - we're sitting across from each other at my table with a cup of coffee or tea and some sort of pastry, chatting about our week.

 ~ My dad is here visiting this week which is nice, but causes everything in my home to get a bit further behind {TOTALLY worth it though!!} so please excuse my lack of online presence. We are enjoying hanging out, playing games, shopping, running errands, taking kiddo to his activities, and eating...a LOT of eating! :)

 ~ I posted a fun little recipe at Pennies & Blessings a couple days ago. It's an Individual Rice Crispy Treat! You can whip 1 up for yourself in a couple minutes - soooo easy!

 ~ I have another post up at Pennies & Blessings right now as part of the Budget Bootcamp series. It's a caution about student loans and I'd love your input! Stop by and say hello!

 ~ You have through Friday 4/20 to stop by my Ultimate Blog Party post and enter to win a $10 Starbucks card! By the way, congrats to Lisa from The Cozy Nook for winning the 1 lb box of truffles I gave away a few days ago!

 ~ I made an impulse purchase in Costco today {hubs gave the OK though I didn't exactly "ask" if I could buy it}. They had an awesome sale on an item I have often thought of purchasing and I was further convinced by the input of a customer in the aisle {*was* she just a customer or a Costco "plant" to get people to buy more of this item - LOL}. Yes, I am guilty of a few impulse buys, but in my defense, is it even possible to walk out of Costco without at least 1 impulse buy??! want to know what I bought. I finally bought the Magic Bullet! Why yes, we did have "4-second" chocolate mousse. :) And I'll probably try some version of this Magic Bullet frappuccino recipe posted at Money Saving Mom. If you have a Magic Bullet, what's your fave thing to make in it?

 ~ I'm getting sleepy {Hey - I write at night!} so I better stop chit-chatting. But you just sit, relax, finish that cup of coffee and catch your breath before going back to your busy day!

What's going on in your world this week? Do share!

Have a lovely day friends!


  1. It's so nice that your dad gets to visit so often. I must say I'm a little jealous.

    You're just all over the web these days aren't you missy? LOL!

    Big so what you're saying is you bit the bullet and bought the bullet size hugs to you?

    Have a lovely day my friend.

  2. Oh I am so happy that Lisa won! :-)

    And my MIL just bought us the Magic Bullet. I was skeptical, but shocked when it whipped up some whipped cream in, oh, about 10 seconds. Wow. There are a lot of uses for it that I won't use, like steaming in the microwave or making soups (I would have to triple the recipe to feed my clan), but the mixed drinks and pasta sauces (pesto is so easy in it!) are going to be a snap now.

    (Do I sound like a Magic Bullet rep? Oh no wait, you already bought it....)

    So glad you are having a fun time with your dad!

  3. Thanks, Charlotte! :-) I am so thankful to have won the truffles. They will be put to good use. Don't worry!

    I have thought about getting a Magic Bullet at Costco too! You, ladies, are convincing me! ;-)

  4. I don't have the Magic Bullet, but I have the Baby Bullet. Same thing really and yes, it was an impulse buy too. So thanks for the recipe link. I'm sure I can use it in mine. Just have to get through this sugar fast and then watch out!

  5. I have a magic bullet knock off, and I love it. I'm sure I could use it much more, but sometimes I don't think about it. We use it for smoothies and milkshakes. I also use it when I have to puree half a pot of soup. Way easier than getting out the food processor. It's also excellent for whipping up a cup of fresh bread crumbs for on top of a casserole. Just toss in a slice of bread or two and ta da. Pesto and whipped cream--I need to try those!

  6. I just thought of a good one to try--hummus!


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