Thursday, May 17, 2012

At The End of My Rope {One Beautiful Thing}

At the end of my an excellent display of whipping skills!  :)

That my friends, is some genuine, hand-made in the USA, functional yet "pretty" rope! It's my One Beautiful Thing this week because I watched my favorite Boy Scout troop make it!

My son's troop had a display at a local event and demonstrated rope-making.  I watched this piece of rope being made on the...well...rope-making contraption and I admired it because of the color added to it. One of the youngest scouts asked if I wanted to have it, but I told him somebody else might want to keep it since it was such an interesting piece.  After the rope was properly whipped on the ends, my young scout friend coiled this piece up very nicely and presented it to me. He thought I should keep it. So.adorable.  :)

Not only do I love Boy Scouts and the skills they teach young men, but I love that our troop is affiliated with our Christian school. The families we are with are also involved in shaping the character of these young men and helping them grow into godly men.

And really, what mom couldn't use a little extra rope in her purse?  :)

Join Brooke each Thursday for One Beautiful Thing and link up - it's not too late to link up even now!

What's one beautiful thing from your week?

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. You do kind of look like you need a pretty rope. I won't go on to say the reason though. LOL!

    Big I'm distracted by a spider climbing up the screen outside so I thought that I'd tell you and have it as my hug as you know how much I "love" spiders size hugs to you.


  2. One beautiful thing... We celebrated our 15th anniversary yesterday. :-)

  3. Love the rope! I hope my boy wants to be in scouts when he's older. :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.


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