Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Son Plays Tennis {One Beautiful Thing}

I'm linking up with Brooke at Surprised By Life (her new blog!) for her first #OneBeautifulThing link-up! Stop by her blog to see what it's all about and to share a little beauty from your world.

Is this really a beautiful picture? Not by any photographer's standards. It was taken with my phone through a fence and zoomed in quite a bit - barely catching our almost 13 year-old son standing tall in the center.

But this is my beautiful thing for the week. Our son has tried a few sports over the years. He played soccer for a couple years and decided it wasn't his thing. He played baseball for 3 years and enjoyed it, but not enough to go into the more competitive level. And despite his height, he didn't want to play basketball {he was traumatized by a basketball class I took him to in 2nd grade - sigh}. Kiddo wanted to try something new. Tennis was one of my suggestions though I do not play. He tried a beginner class and was hooked.

Side story here: After completing the first beginner class last year, we bought our son his own racket, tennis balls, new and much larger tennis shoes, and a racket for hubs. Off they went to play their very first match together! 15 minutes later I received a phone call to get ibuprofen and son's Kaiser insurance card ready - they were on their way home before heading to the emergency room. Our son had broken his arm by tripping over his own feet running back to hit a ball! Awful!! No more tennis for quite some time. But he recovered nicely. :)

After completing another beginner class, our son wanted to move on in tennis. Now we go to a local club that offers lots of tennis lessons. He's in an intermediate class and improving all the time. But the best part? He LOVES it!! He wants to keep playing! He can't wait to get to his lessons, learn new things and improve! That hasn't really happened before with past sports. Whether or not our son ever plays tennis competitively, he finds joy in the sport and I know he will continue playing it into his adult life.

I find beauty in my son finding the sport that brings him joy and makes him want to strive to improve. His joy and enthusiasm bring me joy! So if you ever hear me grumbling about running him to tennis lessons or watching him out in the wind/cold - remind me that THIS was my One Beautiful Thing.

What's one beautiful thing from your week?

Have a beautiful day friends!  :)


  1. That's really great! I love it when they find something that they are passionate about and then put their heart into it.
    I wish I would have known about this linky today, I would have joined in. Maybe next week.
    Big I'd play tennis if you hit the ball right to me every time size hugs to you!
    Love ya!

  2. I'm glad for your son! I love tennis. It's my favorite sport. :-)


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