Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Pinch of This & A Dash of That

Sometimes randomness is required on a blog, don't you think? None of these things are enough for 1 blog post, but they are all things I want you to know. Let's start off with a random pic...

 ~ LOL - I've had that fortune for a while - saved it just to show you all one of these days! Is it true?? Or could you still salvage the frosting? Or perhaps they really were going for the deeper meaning here - I'll let you ponder that for a while. :)

 ~ Congrats to the winner of my Keeplets giveaway!! It's Alicia from Confessions of a Snowflake!! Don't forget to "Like" Keeplets on Facebook if you'd like to keep up with specials and/or new products. Thank you to Keeplets for being one of my sponsors!

 ~ We enjoyed some Avodah Coffee yesterday! Have you heard of them? Started by the family of Muthering Heights, they roast the beans to your specifications and ship right out to you. Each purchase contributes to some great charities - so you're getting great coffee and helping the world at the same time. {I didn't receive free coffee or any compensation - I just think it's a great company.} :)

 ~ I'm trying to finish up homeschooling this week though we won't be as done as I'd like to be. We may finish up with some textbook reading the following week and then we'll do a few small things over the Summer so kiddo will be all ready to head back to his Christian school for 8th grade. Are you done with school yet?

 ~ OK, so maybe I'm the last person to discover this - but apparently it's not required to put 2 spaces after each period when you're typing. Please forgive me - I haven't been trying to do things the wrong way all this time on purpose! I was taught when I learned typing before high school {that would be in the 80's people} that you MUST ALWAYS put 2 spaces after each period. And even when I was in college {the 90's}, we would get points taken off on papers if the spacing was incorrect. So it's been automatic with me all this time. Sometime over the last few months I noticed that blog posts wouldn't format right if I put in 2 spaces and I thought I heard a rumor about the 1-space thing, so I started making an effort to do 1 space after periods. I finally had a chance to look it up a few days ago and I guess it's been 1 space after periods for a LONG time!! Anyway, I now have to go through every blog post I write as there's always a spot somewhere that I accidentally put 2 spaces. Have you always known this or are you old-school {that sounds better than just saying "old"} like me?

 ~ I'm looking forward to Summer!! We always work in a trip or two. We'll definitely be making a trip to Montana to visit family. Do you have any fun trips planned for this Summer?

 ~ I know I had something else random to tell you about, but I've completely forgotten what it could have been. Maybe I should write these things down...

Got any randomness to share with me?

I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you have a blessed week friends!!


  1. I love randomness. It's when we get to see what's really going on in your household. LOL!
    My honey is taking off this week to get some things done around the house. We might make a trip to Sea World just for fun, since we have passes and all.
    I'm still planning our Summer Fun and need to go get some supplies but other than that it's life as usual.
    Big random hugs are okay as long as they are given to the right people size hugs to you!
    Love you my friend!!!!

  2. I also put 2 space after periods and just heard recently from my techy husband that he thought it changed to 1 space. How dare they change it and not tell us - especially when we are blogging and homeschooling! :-)


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