Friday, June 29, 2012

Sharing Childhood Stories {Dads Can Be So Embarrassing}

My son likes hearing stories from my childhood. He especially enjoys hearing stories of how my dad embarrassed me. My son laughs and laughs and asks to hear those stories again.

1988 {Yes, I'm THAT old}
As if the black dress socks with shorts weren't embarrassing enough! 

When I was a teenager, Dad and I would often head to fast food restaurants for lunch after church. When we would go to McDonald's - I would place my order and then the cashier would ask dad what he wanted. He would look up and look over the menu - undecided, as if he hadn't seen the menu a hundred times before. And then this is what he would say {every.time.}:

"Hmmm...what's that, uh, Happy Meal there? Is that any good?"

As an adult, I would just laugh at this! As a teenager, I wanted to sink into the floor. I would inform him that it was a meal for KIDS. And then he would chuckle and order something else.

There was another fast food place where he would order the same thing every time - the fish sandwich. Except that this place didn't have a fish sandwich, which he knew quite well. And every time, I wanted to hide my face in my hands and shake my head. LOL!

Of course, there was also the time that Dad was driving and me, my sis and 2 cousins were in the back seat, admiring a handsome young man on a motorcycle. Dad made sure to honk a few times, wave at the guy, and point to us in the back seat. We all sunk down as low as we could!! "Daaaaaaaad!!!!" How *could* he?! 

By the way, Dad still likes to embarrass me - he managed to do it in a retirement home last year {look at #10 in the post!}.

Love you Dad!!!  :)

These are little stories and not anything all that traumatic, but they stuck in my memory and oh how my son loves to hear them. I enjoy passing on the little day-to-day stories that give my son snapshots of my life as a kid. We shouldn't forget to share these stories with our children - they find them fascinating {you know, like how we had to rent a VCR to watch a movie or how we didn't own a microwave - *gasp*}!

Do you share your childhood stories with your kids? What are their favorite things to hear about?

Maybe you can stop and share a story right now! Start out...Did I ever tell you about the time...

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Have a blessed and hopefully not embarrassing day friends!! :)


  1. Dad's are great for that aren't they? LOL! When I was a teenager, if a boy called and my Dad answered the phone they would ask for Kim and my dad would say, Kim who? OY!! I'd run frantically to the phone. Ha! Ha!
    Big I can see the appeal of embarrassing your children now that I'm a parent size hugs to you!
    Love your stories girlfriend!

  2. LOL - I had to laugh about your dad's indecision about the menu, because I do that, too. And I once stepped up to the counter at Burger King and ordered a Big Mac.

    I often tell my son stories about my childhood years, but only the parts that are funny or meaningful. I make a point of not telling him stories that would change his perception of his grandparents for the worse.

  3. My Dad always embarrassed me as a kid. He would just say the most outrageous things in public in the loudest voice possible.

    I also loved hearing about when he was growing up. He and his brothers were wild, and their stories were always funny!

    Mary Beth


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