Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Musings {7/16}

Yes, it is still Monday here in my time zone {at least it was when I started the post}- so this counts - LOL! I'm "borrowing" from my friend Charlotte and doing Monday Musings again! Feel free to post your own musings ~ tell me in the comments so I can come visit! :)

What I'm thinking: How amazing it is that *every* time we go through boxes in the garage we find a carload of stuff to give away {taking it to the Christian school for their upcoming yard sale}!

What I'm reading: Haven't finished Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews yet. Still behind on my blog reading. I just read about "The Husband Project" over at Joyful Mothering and am considering joining up {How about you?}.

What I'm listening to: The whole house fan cooling things off and the hubs watching late-night TV.

What we're learning: My kiddo learned a lot during Boy Scout Summer camp! He took the following merit badge classes: Emergency Preparedness, Cooking, Home Repairs, Electricity, and Chess. He enjoyed them all and I look forward to assigning him some cooking duties so he can keep practicing {maybe one meal a week?}. :)

What I'm watching: Started watching a Christian movie from a friend - Time Changer. We're enjoying it so far.

What's cooking: Made Tex-Mex Chili Pasta yesterday and will use the leftovers to make Spicy Taco Soup tomorrow. I might try a new cookie recipe this week if I have time.

What I'm buying: I don't really have much to buy this week, but I do have returns to do. I dislike making returns so I let them build up and now I need to go to 3 different stores to return 3 items. I must get that done this week!

What I'm thankful for: So thankful that the Lord brought my hubs safely home from his week of meetings and my son safely home from Boy Scout camp! I miss my boys when they're gone!

What I'm creating: I actually attempted a craft today! At first it was looking good, but now it looks like I may have ruined it in the final step. Argh! Will double-check in the morning and decide if I want to try again.

What I'm planning: Our trip to Montana and son's 13th birthday. I think we've mostly got things figured out for both!

What we did this last weekend: Hubs and I had a fairly quiet day waiting for kiddo to get back from camp. I finished stuff around the house, including finishing the homeschool grading {um, yes I was a bit behind!}. Then kiddo got home and talked and talked and talked about all the fun times at camp! :) Sunday was church, some errands, and then kiddo had a friend over the rest of the day.

What I'm looking forward to: A trip to Montana, hubs' birthday {there is no way he'll let me tell you his age so let's just say he'll be over 30 - LOL}, son's 13th birthday - just to name a few!

A picture to share:
Those are lemon cucumbers! First time I've ever heard of them or seen them. Had one in a salad yesterday - tastes basically like a regular cucumber. Purchased these beauties from a local friend: CJ's Family Farm.

What fun things did you do last week? What are your plans for this week?

Have a blessed day friends!

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  1. I can't stand having to return things. Ugh! I feel for you girlfriend.
    Time Changer is one of my hubby's favorite movies. Have you seen the Woodcarver? That's good too.
    Big if I sent my middle man to camp for a week he probably wouldn't stop talking for a month size hugs to you.
    Glad everyone is home safe and sound.


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