Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Musings {7/9}

Joining up with my friend Charlotte for Monday Musings again! Feel free to post your own musings ~ tell me in the comments so I can come visit! :)

What I'm thinking: Thinking about the many many many ways I need to get organized! Going to work on some lists and goals this week so I can focus more!

What I'm reading: Still working on Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews. And I will try to read more blogs this week so I can feel like I'm "in the loop."

What I'm listening to: The sounds of silence other than the clock ticking. Kiddo is at Boy Scout Summer camp for the week! I like the quiet for now, but I'll miss his sounds before the week is up {SOME of the sounds}. :)

What we're learning: Well my friends will be learning how to bake! They've been wanting me to teach a little baking class for them, so I'll be doing that this week. We'll see how it goes! 

What I'm watching: We're still watching a lot of Leave It To Beaver on instant Netflix - my son just loves it! I think I need to catch up on a "chick" flick or 2 this week - do you have a favorite?

What's cooking: There will be some baking, but the rest I'm not sure of yet. I have leftover pork loin and green beans for tonight, so that's something!

What I'm buying: Hubs and I stopped at Kohl's to take advantage of sales and a credit I had. Finally got a couple pairs of flip-flops to replace other pairs. I always have to have a white pair, a brown pair, and a black pair at least!

What I'm thankful for: Friendship! I am truly blessed by the amount of friends I have - offline and online. God has blessed me abundantly and I take that for granted far too often.

What I'm creating: Lists. I need lists to get focused, but I've also read that some procrastinators {oh hello, like me} use lists to further procrastinate! In the time it takes to make all the lists, you could probably finish up a few tasks! :)

What I'm planning: The baking class with friends, finishing up my never-ending file cabinet organization, and figuring out what we'll do for my son's 13th birthday {less than a month away!!}.

What we did this last weekend: Took my car in to be worked on {nothing major}; picked up a piece of exercise equipment from Craig's List to put in the garage {mainly for son & hubs}; packed for kiddo's Boy Scout camp and discovered several lost items from the last time he camped {anybody find a pocket knife, flashlight, compass or bug spray? LOL}; ate Chipotle {yum}; sent kiddo off to camp {he LOVES it}; went to church {of course!}; ran errands {Trader Joe's, Kohl's, *Starbucks* - um, that's an errand, right?}; quiet time. A good weekend! :)

What I'm looking forward to: Getting my house clean and organized! Maybe with the kiddo gone this week I can make it happen! Also looking forward to our Summer trip coming up soon - to Montana of course {where I grew up}!

A picture to share:
Son in the pool at a friend's house for 4th of July - he had so much fun!

What's happening for you this week? Anything fun?

Thanks for listening to my musings and have a blessed day friends!!


  1. Old but good chick flick: Sweet Home Alabama. Old school Reese Witherspoon. Good stuff.

  2. Lots of good chick flicks streaming right now! The Cutting Edge, Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias, My Best Friend's Wedding, Shakespeare in Love, An Ideal Husband.

  3. You still haven't organized your files? LOL! Did you do a post about that like 2 years ago? Ha! Ha! It's okay, I won't tell anyone.

    Big cleaning your house when your kids are home is like eating Oreo's while brushing your teeth size hugs to you!!

    Love you my friend!


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