Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Saturday Link-Up

When I mentioned things coming up on my blog, I said I would try and post about the Saturday link-up this weekend. Well our road trip back home delayed me, but here it is! I wanted you to know about it ahead of time in case you'd like to join me and link up here this coming Saturday!

I'm still trying to figure out the "official" name - LOL - but I'll have one by then! :) And hopefully a little button to go along with it.This is really just another way to share blessings which will hopefully help you find your smile and share a little encouragement in the blogosphere. Stopping and smelling the chocolates is about taking time to find and appreciate the little blessings in your day. My own quote that has been on my blog from almost the beginning actually inspired this! It says:
Your version of "smelling chocolates" might be reading scripture, gazing at God's marvelous works, listening to children laugh, looking at a blog, calling a friend, sipping tea, savoring a really good chocolate or all of the above!
So, the link-up will look something like this: Share a little something for each of these 7 categories on Saturday {or before and link it on Saturdays}. Link up your post and visit others to share encouragement! Here are the categories with suggestions on how to use them...

Scripture: Share your favorite verse; tell us what book you're reading in the Bible; share a verse that inspired you during the week, etc.

Stories/Story Tellers: Use this to share some blogger love ~ share a link to a great blog post from the week or feature a blogger you love or who inspires you that you want others to know about.

Social: Tell us about a moment with friends this week or a fun social outing, or tips on maintaining friendships/relationships.

Silly: I know you can find a little silly something to share, whether it's a quote from one of your kids or a funny pic you saw on FB - let's share the laughter.

Snapshot: Share a pic, any pic, from your week!

Sips: Tell us about your favorite new drink; link to a coffee/tea/smoothie recipe; just mention what you had to drink this morning; etc.

Sweets: Share a link to a yummy recipe; tell us about a treat you indulged in this week; say what your favorite brand of chocolate is, etc.

Keep it all short and simple - no pressure! If you have nothing to say in a category - just say that - LOL! How does that sound? Will you try to join me this Saturday or another Saturday? I'll remind you about it this week. Even if you can't join in, do stop by!

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know! Hugs to all and I hope you have a lovely week!

Sign on my dad's door when we went to visit - just had to share it with you! :)

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Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Sounds like fun. I hope to have my computer back by then but we'll see.

    Big Monday is the new Saturday size hugs to you.

  2. This is my camping week....we will see if I can get my act together and get a post out with you. I'm not promising I'll do it though....glad to hear your trip was fun! I loved your post about The Parrot!


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