Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hanging Out With Grandpa {One Beautiful Thing}

Last week we were in Montana for our Summer trip to visit family. My son always enjoys himself, no matter what we do and as usual, he didn't want to leave! While we were there, we stayed in my dad's apartment. I love watching my dad "hang out" with his only grandson. It doesn't matter if the "hanging out" is during fun adventures like playing golf and visiting the state capitol, or during times of relaxation in Dad's apartment. 

The kiddo likes playing computer games and card games with Grandpa. And I captured this moment with my phone - the two of them working on the daily crossword. I love this - seeing them enjoy each other's company while working on such a simple pleasure. And the difference in ages {68 years apart} just doesn't matter.

This Grandpa/Grandson moment is my One Beautiful Thing this week! Stop over at Brooke's place {Surprised By Life} to enjoy her One Beautiful Thing and link up your own!

What is your One Beautiful Thing this week? Have you taken a moment today to notice something beautiful in your life?

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Have a blessed and beautiful day friends!


  1. Now, that is a "beautiful thing." Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, you captured a very beautiful thing! Visiting from the One Beautiful Thing link-up ...

  3. Awe! That's awesome! I love the "grand" is so precious! Thanks for visiting!!!


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