Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Posts to Help You Find Your Smile

Sometimes we just need a little something to laugh or smile about to help us get through the day! I was going through my past posts and a few of them made me giggle. I wanted to share with you in case you need a smile today. :)

1. Sense of Humor (and good times at the Chinese buffet)

2. Friends Don't Let Friends Go Through Life with Unresolved Barbie Doll Issues

3. Maybe Our Son Will Have His Own Line of Greeting Cards...Or Not

4. I Laughed So Hard When...

5. Chocolate Wisdom

6. Buster's New Trick

7. She Excels At Finding Shells...Not

8. Do You Talk to The Traffic?

9. Need to Vacuum? 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

10. How to Annoy People

What is making you smile today? 

I pray that your week is filled with the blessings of smiles and laughter friends!

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