Saturday, September 15, 2012

Savor 7 {Saturday} ~ 9/15

Welcome back to Savor 7 {Saturday} friends ~ a new way to share blessings and encourage each other! **Making it a little easier on you if you've been wanting to participate - you can either follow my categories or just simply list out 7 blessings from your week - this is not meant to be stressful!** For explanation of the 7 categories, see the original post. Thank you for joining me last week!

Let's look back at our week and "savor" {to have experience of; to taste or smell with pleasure; to delight in} together. 

7 blessings. 7 experiences, tastes, smells, delights. 7 ways to share, encourage, inspire. 1 for each day of the week. Join me? Write your own post, sharing something for each of the 7 categories or your own listing of 7 blessings from your week and link it up right here anytime over the weekend. If you don't have a blog, share some of your blessings in the comments!

Savor 7 {Saturday}

SCRIPTURE: I'm so slow - still finishing up reading through Psalms!

Psalm 130:5 I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, And in His word I do hope.
STORY TELLER: I thought you might be encouraged by this short & sweet post by my friend Lisa at The Cozy Nook: Giving When It's Hard To Give. And say hi while you're there - I think you'll enjoy The Cozy Nook!    

SOCIAL: My "social" outings this week consisted of a Case For Kids {Love the Tripp brothers!!} class that hubs and I are taking and the monthly Boy Scout committee meeting. I did convince hubs to get us lattes after each, so did that turn those evenings into dates? LOL! :) 

SILLY: Well, I'll give you a glimpse of my kid's sense of humor, but I don't think you'll laugh. We went through a drive-through to get him a vanilla cone. I decided to get myself a soda. I told my son that I ordered it because I didn't want to only get a cone. So, with a perfectly straight serious face he said, "So you got a cylinder?" Go ahead...think about it...cone, cylinder...yeah, I know. That might qualify as "nerd" humor, right?

SNAPSHOT: This is an old pic of Buster & my son. But one of the big blessings this week is that Buster is OK. He had a major dental procedure and then didn't recover well - ended up at the vet for 2 days on an IV. He's home now and doing a little better - eating and drinking, but still weak and tired. And he is skin & bones compared to this pic. He's 12 and we're just thankful that he made it through - obviously he can't have any more surgeries. We've had him for 6 years. Are you blessed with a pet?

SIPS: Lotsa lattes this week - that's really my fave coffee drink I guess.

SWEETS: Sometimes I just like to enjoy chocolate from Trader Joe's. Their dark chocolate bars are so creamy and good - half a bar works for me. And hey - gotta have those antioxidants! :)

I hope you enjoyed my 7 things to savor! Now it's your turn! Write a Savor 7 {Saturday} post including these 7 categories or just listing your own 7 kinds of blessings from the week and come back here to link up. Please make sure you link to the actual post rather than just your blog. And please include a link back to this post so people can find the link-up! You are also welcome to use the graphic at the top in your post or on your sidebar if you wish. Don't forget to visit another linker or 2 to share some encouragement!

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Thanks for joining me and have a blessed weekend friends!


  1. I'm glad to hear Buster is ok! Have you ever tried the TJ's dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt? Sooooo good.

    1. Thanks! And yes, I have had that TJ's bar - oh SO SO good!! :)

  2. Oh I love the Psalms. This scripture is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing The Cozy Nook with me. I followed the lovely blog! I love Lattes and Trader Joes dark chocolate! Praying you have a great week!

    1. Thanks Barbie! Glad you connected with my friend Lisa at The Cozy Nook! Praying you have a wonderful week as well.

  3. Thanks for the plug! :-) I might have to pick up one of those Trader Joe chocolate bars for myself. ;-) Have a super week!

    1. You are welcome! I buy a bunch of those TJ bars and take them to the school office so the office ladies have their own "emergency" chocolate supply. :)

  4. That has to be one of the sweetest photos ever!


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