Monday, October 1, 2012

7 Random Thoughts {After Only 1 Cup of Coffee}

Sometimes my head fills up with many unrelated thoughts that need to be shared. If I don't share them, they will not leave enough room in my mind for the important stuff - LOL! Let's hope this makes sense because I'm feeling like my 1 cup of coffee wasn't quite enough. :) {Yes, I made a graphic for this because it was obviously a very productive use of my time.}
1. There are SO many cool 31-Day Series linked up over at Nesting Place!! I highly encourage you to go and find some favorites to follow! Um, I don't think you'll have a problem finding any since as of right now there are 759 of them linked up!

2. I thought about doing a 31-Day series on my blog just to get back in the habit of regular writing, but knew it would be too much as I hadn't planned on it ahead of time. I *could* have done 31 Days of Procrastinating because I would only have needed to write a post on the last day. :D But I did decide to unofficially commit to doing something for 31 days - commenting on blogs. I've been falling short in that area, so I plan on commenting on a few each day in October! Are you doing anything special for 31 days?

3. I haven't decorated for Fall quite's going to be 100 degrees here today. It does *not* feel like Fall! Sometime this week I will get to it! Speaking of Fall decorating, you should head over to The Inspired Room - Melissa is having her Fall Nesting Series this month with lots of opportunities to link up, starting tomorrow {linky goes live tonight actually}!

4. I was seriously just sitting here with my head in hands trying to remember the 100 other thoughts I was going to share - LOL {OK, I won't really share 100, but I could.} Facebook! That was it! I have a Facebook page for my blog - did you know that? Do you Like me?! :) Well, I am trying to make contact there a bit each day and would like to do more, but whatever I post just isn't being shared with many people. For you to see my FB posts in your newsfeed, you can interact by clicking over to my page to look around, or liking or commenting on a status, link, etc. That helps some, but the rest is up to Facebook {my posts will be seen by many more people if I'm willing to pay to promote} and sadly some of my posts are now only seen by 10 people or less even though I have over 300 Likers. That leaves me wondering if it's worth my efforts to connect there. What do you think? Any advice? Where do you prefer to connect - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, just on the blog, or somewhere else?

5.  Oh, come ON! I had my next thought and I lost it again! OH...yes...advertising. I just wanted to mention my Advertising page and let you know that I have spots open for affordable ad packages! And thank you to all the sponsors that have partnered with me in the past few months - I have enjoyed it!

6. I'll be attending the Allume Social Media conference in Pennsylvania this month! I'm very excited about it, but trying not to talk about it too much on the blog, etc. as I know what it feels like to hear all about conferences when you deeply desire to attend a specific one and it isn't going to happen. {Whether or not you attend conferences does *not* determine your value as a Blogger!} But I would like to share blessings from it - lessons I learn, new info about blogging, relationships, and more. What specific things would you like to hear about either as I attend or after I come back?

7. Hi. Insert a random thought here. Because I walked away to get a 2nd cup of coffee. :)

Have a blessed day friends!!

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  1. I love your random thoughts and the button you created is too cute! I cannot believe the number of blogs linked up over at The Nesters. I still cannot believe I committed to doing this, again. Oh yes, must write my post for today since it's after midnight! I love your Facebook page, and I am jealous you are going to Allume! Have a beautiful tomorrow.


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