Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Way To Pray Each Day

I want to pray more often, but I get overwhelmed by my list of things to pray about! And if there are too many things to pray for, I find I can't make it through the entire list each time - so things get left off or forgotten regularly.

This year, my one-word focus is Diligence, so I want to be diligent in my prayer-time too. I need a way to split up what I pray for each day {I've seen others do this}. I can still pray for any timely needs, but my general prayers for the day will have a focus that's listed out.

But then I have to remember where I put the list and find it before I pray each time {because my memory just ain't what it used to be}! I need something catchy and easy to remember. I finally came up with a list I like and have been using. All I have to do is remember what day it is - and I easily remember the day's focus!

I thought I would share it with you since it's helped me. I even made a picture in case you want to use the same idea! Feel free to pin it if you like it. :)

I just put the basics on the pic, but you get the idea. Obviously Friday Friends & Fam could include cousins, aunts, pets, and more. And Tuesday True Love might involve praying for a future spouse if you're not married. The focus for each day is general enough for you to fit in your own items.

What helps you with your prayer time?

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I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Hello there, stopping by from Thriving Thursdays Link Up. I started a prayer diary this year for the first time. I got a plain old diary from the newsagents and prettied it up, I have been writing in there each day and it has helped. Have a blessed day. Tara.

  2. I really like this idea my friend. I really really do.

    Big I need you to make a printable for me so I can start using this ASAP size hugs to you! *wink*

    Love you!

  3. This is a great idea. I pinned it so I can find it later when I have a printer :)

  4. I absolutely love this idea. So worth pinning and praying.

  5. I made this for you. It's nothing fancy trust me. I just thought you'd like it.

  6. Great idea! I like the way you categorized the days. It makes them easy to remember. I hope you are doing well!

  7. That's a great idea! I get overwhelmed, too. I also have "spiritual ADD" and have trouble focusing when I pray, so this looks to be quite helpful!

  8. Hey, I just wanted to add, I am trying out a new app {Prayer Notebook for iPhone} that enables you to set categories as you've listed here. I have used your list as a guide in creating my own. You may want to give it a try. Ann Voskamp had posted about it recently, so I thought I would check it out too.


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