Monday, April 1, 2013

Stop and Write a Blog Post {A Blogging Challenge}

**Linky now added below the post in case you want to join in the challenge - challenge yourself to any number of posts you want for the rest of the month!!

Okay, that is certainly not an award-winning button there, but I needed something quickly because it feels more official and will help keep me accountable!

I mentioned before that I wanted to get back to blogging this month and I meant it! My plan is to post every weekday this month. I know that some bloggers challenge themselves to post every day for a month, but that is unrealistic for me. Back in the day, when I started blogging, I posted every weekday. Somewhere along the line that became too much. There's not necessarily a right or wrong amount of how many times you should post on a blog, but I've gone too far in the direction of "only-posting-when-I-feel-like-it" and now it's become a habit to skip the posting.

If I truly felt the need to step away from blogging {I've done it in the past}, I certainly would, but I don't. And I do have the time - I've just gotten lazy. So I will post every weekday this month to get back in the habit!

Just like I want to stop and smell the chocolates in life, I want to stop {stop what I'm wasting time on; stop being distracted} and write a blog post.

I can't promise you brilliant blog posts every day - but I do hope that you'll enjoy them and keep coming back for more. You'll be getting an assortment of posts: recipes, thoughts about life, photos, celebrations, old-school blogging, and more.

If you're a blogger or a writer, how has it been going for you lately? If you feel the need to challenge yourself this month, please join in! Mention it in the comments and if at least a couple people want to join the challenge, I'll add a linky for your blogs! **Woot!! Added the linky below! Not too late to join - do any number of posts you like for the rest of April. Please stop by and encourage the bloggers who have linked up!

How can you help me? Just come on by and comment when you can to help me stay on track! I truly appreciate that so many of you are still reading my blog and several of you do comment occasionally. Hugs to you!!

Day 1 - April 1st post - Done. Bam.  :)

P.S. On my sidebar this month, you'll find a few blogs that I like to read {in no particular order or preference}- I think you'll like them too! Click and read a few! The display will change every Monday, Wednesday & Friday so stop by often to find some new blogs to love!

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Hmmmm....I think I've slacked off because I feel like I've written all there is to know about me and all I like to do.
    I'll tell you what. I'll give it a shot. Like you said, I won't promise the most interesting posts but I'll post.
    Big maybe I can repeat myself and noone will notice because it's been so long size hugs to you.
    Love you my friend.

  2. Awe man! I am 3 days late. So I suppose I am too late for the challenge. I am behind on reading my blogs and didn't know. :( Thank you for featuring my blog in your sidebar. I will be here to route you on!!

  3. This is an amazing challenge and I found it via my dear friend Barbie. I have always written with my whole heart and love to do so. I was discouraged by some bad comments and I stopped blogging much, hardly at all and I stopped blogging with my whole heart. I want to get the Summer back that everyone has emailed me where are your posts, where have you been! I think this will give me the inspiration to do so and I will be cheering all of you on along the way! I have so much to post about, not just health stuff, but our princess, new recipes, new ideas, etc., so I think this will be a perfect time to get that in full gear. I am a few days late but better late then never right?!?!


    1. Yay Summer! So glad you will be joining us!

    2. It's all because of you my sweet friend! I thank you so much for it!!!!!


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