Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Word 2013 Update ~ Diligence {May}

Oh hi. Nice of me to post something, huh? :)

I'm a little late sharing my update for the month, but as long as I'm still in the month it's all good. Just so you know, I'm not trying to just brag here about how wonderful I am - using my One Word for the year. I do happen to be doing well this year with a One Word focus, but let me tell you that I have tried it many a year and it has never worked out for me before. So don't feel bad if you are struggling with a focus or goal for the year - give yourself grace, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, pray about it, and start over! 

So far I've managed to be diligent with something each month {Maybe I just chose an awesome word - I mean, I'm being diligent in updating you on my progress right?}. This month I have 2 examples.

First, I'm still running/walking 3 times a week! Ever since we started our Couch-to-5K group, some of us have kept on going. I admit, it's getting harder to run as the weather warms up and I've had to add in some walking part of the time. I'm thinking about doing another 5K this Summer, but it depends on whether or not anybody else wants to and whether or not I can get myself really motivated to do it!

The second thing I've been diligent with this month is Money Saving Mom's Clutter-Busting challenge! I've been getting rid of things every weekday in May. Some days I can't do it, but then I double or triple up in one day and catch up! Yay for getting rid of things!! I know this one stays on my mind because last night I actually dreamed about choosing a drawer and decluttering it - L.O.L.!! I've shared many of my declutter pics on social media, like Twitter. I'll try to do an update post about the challenge around the end of the month. I have some catching up to do today - I need to get rid of 3 days worth of stuff! If you missed this challenge, but need to get rid of things - just challenge yourself to do it for the month of June!

OK, I just walked away and came up with 7 DVD's to donate! That catches me up for one of my missing days. And it only took 5 minutes - really. You can do this! :)

I'm linking up to sweet Melanie's monthly One Word link-up! You can link up there too - just write a post about how you're doing with your One Word so far {good or bad!} and stop by Melanie's blog.

What are you working on? Do you have One Word or a goal for the year? Are you trying to work on a new habit or finish a project? I'd love to hear about it - share with me in the comments!

Thanks for being here with me! Have a blessed and productive day friends! :)


  1. You are doing great with your diligence my friend. I am so far behind the clutter busting challenge that I took the widget off my sidebar today. :( Well, perhaps there will be another such challenge in June!

  2. I declutter all year long as I see a problem. This has been working for me but yesterday I realize I have a mason jar problem. I LOVE mason jars but unless I start canning something soon I'm going to have to do something with them....and so then I need a canner and stuff, so yeah.
    I'd run/walk with you my friend. I think it would be fun.
    Big I've got bloggers block and I need to snap out of it size hugs to you!


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