Monday, July 8, 2013

Who Am I and Why Do I Blog?

As I sit here at 5:20pm on a Monday, with the sun shining in through the skylights, I listen to the silence. Or almost-silence. There is the sound of air-conditioning blowing through the house and the loud ticking of a clock in the dining room. The almost-silence helps me when I want to have conversations in my head. Conversations about what kind of blog post I should write. And I really can't come up with one idea that fits my mood because I can't figure out why I'm blogging right now, except that I must. And then I know - that's what I need to blog about.

Sometimes blogging isn't giving you a great recipe, or helpful advice, or sharing the latest deal. Sometimes it isn't ministry or even family life. Sometimes it's simply a release for the spinning thoughts cluttering a mind. With the hope that someone somewhere connects with those spinning thoughts.

I kind of know who I am as a person, but as a blogger? I've never had a niche anyway {other than Life!} but my blog has changed here and there over the years. Because of my inconsistency and flakiness, the only people really left reading here are my friends and the recipe people {and I greatly appreciate all of you stopping by!}. I'm not obsessed with numbers or even comments anymore - it doesn't mean that people aren't reading. But I find myself sort of without purpose, still floating along in a strange transitional phase on my blog.

Some would say that you shouldn't be blogging if you don't know your vision or purpose, but I've tried that in the past. If I try to quit blogging, it just makes me want to do it more! :) But if I try to force blogging, it makes me unable to get words out. So on I go, with 2, maybe 3 posts a week and one of them usually a recipe. I love sharing recipes, but don't want a food blog. I like having a blog that lets me talk about any subject.

Starting fresh with a new blog title and vision has come to mind more than once, but the funny thing is...Stop and Smell the Chocolates is ME. I like to take time out and appreciate the little everyday blessings in life {like today - I got to sleep in; I got all my dishes caught up; I made some muffins; the sun is shining; the backyard is full of green; and more}. And I like chocolate. :) Stopping and smelling the chocolates is savoring Life, whatever the day may bring - fully experiencing it and not missing the precious little things.

Ah...rambling. It's one of my skills - sometimes found here on my blog and most often found when I have to leave a voicemail message for a friend. :) We come back to - why do I blog? I don't know. Do you? Do I need to know?

Thank you for allowing my to post my thoughts and ramble a bit friends! And you lovely recipe people should know that there is an awesome recipe coming your way this week. :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts or feedback or questions! Your comments are always welcome!

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. When I stopped comparing myself to other bloggers is when I finally started to have fun again. I'll never be famous but the few that actually come, read and comment make my day.
    I also love looking back at how far I've come. My blog is now like a diary of sorts. I was never good at keeping a journal but blogging has been that for me.
    It's also helped me explore new worlds, like, making natural cleaners and finding other backyard chicken keepers etc. Blogging allows such a connection that we otherwise wouldn't have. Of course balance is key. We still have "real" people in front of us that need that same kind of attention. *smile*
    Personally my friend, I love your blog and I always have. It's very much like mine in the sense that it has no niche. But it's who you are and I love it. And I've actually become what mine is sort of speak. I have definitely given more heart into homesteading since blogging.
    Okay well, I've rattled on enough. You're going to need a second cup of coffee by the time you get down reading my comment.
    Big babble away cause it makes my day size hugs to you!
    Love you my friend.

  2. I love this post... I so often feel that way. I decided my blog is just a diary of my life... especially what the kids do. It will be fun to look back on {it already is}.


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