Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ending or Beginning?

One week until school starts here! Has it started yet for you? If not, when does it start? Or do you not have to worry about school anymore?

I'm wondering how you think about the new school year. Do you think of it as an Ending {end of Summer, end of relaxation & fun, end of chaos} or do you think of it as a Beginning {beginning of Fall, beginning of learning & self-discipline, beginning of new adventures}?

Though I definitely think of it as the end of Summer and sleeping in {sigh}, I mainly look at back-to-school as a new beginning. The end of August and beginning of September have the same feel as January to me. It's a time to take a step back, reevaluate, make new plans and move forward. I don't have any specific big plans, but I feel that twinge of excitement like I'm getting a fresh start!

It's time. Time to get back into a routine - or maybe a new routine. Getting' up early? Oh yeah - it's gonna happen! Family time? Totally doable. Menu planning? Sure. Exercise? Try and stop me. Dishes and Laundry? Watch out - I'm comin' your way! Blogging? Writing? Yes and Yes! <----Pretty sure hubs is thinking he should print all that out in case he needs proof that I said those things. :)

This is a great time for a fresh start on my blog, too. I feel like it has all stalled out a bit. Readership and traffic have dropped. Connections have been lost. Comments are almost nonexistent. I have no desire to start a new blog, but I want to look at my blog through a new blogger's eyes. I want that excitement of beginning something and delighting in each new milestone. I hope that means you'll see more {and better} blog posts from me and more attempts to connect with my readers and the blogosphere in general.

I do so appreciate the few of you that have been with me for the long haul, whether I post or not, whether I have a message to share or not, whether I respond to you or not. You.rock.

So, we come to the end of the post, but begin the planning and preparing for things to come. One week to go!

How about you - Ending or Beginning?

Have a truly blessed day friends!


  1. August into September are so super busy for me that I barely blog and things stall out. I sometimes feel like I'm just going through the motions and just writing because I'm suppose to. I also get so super bad at reading and commenting on other blogs. I get so burned out that I feel like doing nothing....so I don't. lol

    1. I know exactly what you mean! And I hope you make it through your crazy busy season without getting too frazzled. :)

  2. I think of it being the end of summer, and the beginning of a start of a whole new school year. Where I try to have the kids do better :)

    I think being on break and posting when ever has been good for me. I am going back to school and hoping to working at my kids school. Yeah I will be busier.

    1. You deserved a break after so much blogging! Hope your new adventure in school goes well!

  3. I think of it as the beginning. Summers aren't much different for me, as I work full time. So September begins the craziness -- working and homeschooling and one in public school.

    Excited to see what plans you have for the blog! :)

  4. I guess since we homeschool I feel as though there really isn't a great line between beginning and ending. It's just life. Though there are timelines that do set me to thinking. For instance in July I always start thinking about Christmas and gifts I want to make and such so certain months bring around certain planning stages for me. :-)
    Big I'm going to be your blogging friend until one of us kicks it size hugs to you!
    How's that for a warm fuzzy hug? LOL! Love ya!

    1. Same Hugs back - LOL! And you and your Christmas planning *shakes head* - I will never be a Christmas-in-July girl! LOL!! :)

  5. Today was our first day of our last year. New beginnings!


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