Monday, August 19, 2013

One Word 2013 Update ~ Diligence {August}

I was getting ready to write my update on how I'm doing with my One Word lately. And I thought - how boring, does anybody really care how I'm doing with it? Though I know there are a couple of you who actually do care! But then I realized that it's all in my approach. I could simply write the update - all about me - and most of you wouldn't really care. Or I could tell you what's working for me and maybe motivate? encourage? inspire? you to try it yourself, or try something new, or keep on going with what you're already doing.

My One Word this year is Diligence. You can click here to read about how I came up with that word if you haven't seen it. You should know that I've tried to have a word of the year before and it has never really clicked for me before - so don't get discouraged if it's not working for you. Refocus and keep on trying or come up with a new idea! Never came up with a word for the year? Maybe you could try a word just for Fall to focus on for the rest of the year. I'll even let you borrow Diligence if it helps you out!

How have I been diligent these last couple of months?

 ~ I'm still sticking with my group of friends that did a 5K together in April. Now we're mostly walking instead of running, but still doing it weekly! In fact, I made a secret Facebook group so we could post our walk/run times and places, recipe ideas, fitness tips, and encouragement. I plan to continue walking with members of my group at least 3 times a week and hopefully more often than that! It's exciting to me because we started in January and a few of us are still committed to doing this together as much as our schedules allow.

Do you have a group to help you with accountability for exercise? It's great if you can exercise with a buddy or two as it helps you to actually do it! But even if you can't get together in person, connecting through social networks to encourage and keep accountable is a great option - try it if you haven't! Make a plan today and get started. It's never too late to start. :)
~ My Stop and Do 2 series is helping me to focus on a couple of tasks each month and turn them into habits. To be perfectly honest, I haven't done that great with it in July or so far in August. But I'm refocusing now and will get back on track. It's so much easier to just focus on 2 things {in addition to all of the other daily things you have to do, of course}. My 2 for this month are drinking water {it's sad how much I dislike that} and taking my vitamins, etc.

Do you have tasks that you struggle with? Have you thought about trying Stop and Do 2? Just pick 2 things that you want to do better {Bible reading, menu planning, making the bed, exercising, laundry folding, homeschooling, taking vitamins, etc.} and focus on accomplishing those tasks each day so they turn into habits! It has definitely helped me so it might work for you too!
I struggle with having diligence in all things, but I keep on trying. I'm doing better this year and I believe it's because I've had my One Word as my focus along with God's help, of course!

Do you have a One Word focus? Do you struggle with Diligence? Are you ready to refocus and try again for the rest of the year?

If I can do this diligence thing, believe me - ANYbody can! :)

I'm sure many of you are going through daily struggles and just surviving the day can be quite a task! Just start by giving yourself one small thing to accomplish today, in addition to surviving. :) Hugs to all of you!

I'm linking up with the super sweet Melanie of Only a Breath for the One Word monthly link-up! Maybe I'll see you there?

Have a blessed day friends!

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  1. You and I are too much alike. It's scary. Scary I tell ya.
    I'm just trying to make it from one day to the next but I am reading a really great book called The Me Project. I'm reading through it and then I'm going to go back and put it into action. I'll let you know how it works out.

    Big I can't remember my word so I don't know if it's working for me or not size hugs to you!


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