Saturday, August 24, 2013

Savor 7 {Saturday} ~ 8/24

Savor 7 {Saturday} is back! You can read last week's post, if you missed it. I'm keeping it simple by just posting the 7 blessings rather than using any certain categories like before.

Let's look back at our week and "savor" {to have experience of; to taste or smell with pleasure; to delight in} together. 

7 blessings. 7 experiences, tastes, smells, delights. 7 ways to share, encourage, inspire. 1 for each day of the week. Join me? Write your own post sharing 7 blessings from your week ~ link it up anytime this weekend. If you don't have a blog, share your blessings in the comments - I'd love to hear them!

Savored this week: 

1. Listening to my son whistle or hum while he works. He usually does this when he's doing chores in the house. He's done it ever since he was little and I just love it! :)

2. Son started high school this week and he really likes it! Even Geometry - LOL. We're so blessed that he can go to such a wonderful Christian school and that he enjoys it there and has so many good friends.

3. Loved this guest post by Stacy Makes Cents on Homemaking From Scratch: A Grace-Filled View On Food. It so perfectly says what's on my heart!

4. Thanks to some awesome suggestions from my fans on my Facebook page, I tried cooking Brussels sprouts for the first time! They sure looked good, but I'm still not a fan and my family really isn't either. I may try one more time just because they're so healthy. But yay for trying new things at least!

5. Craig's List is such a blessing. We've found many wonderful things on there over the years. This past week, we found just the right desk and chair for my son's room and it was very inexpensive!

6. Chipotle. Y.u.m. One of our faves - makes for a great Friday night when we get it and take it home. Delicious food and no cooking for me! :)

7. Sponsors! They often help keep blogs going by offsetting expenses or contributing to the family income. I have a sponsor on the sidebar that's been there before - just a simple coupon widget from Coupons by Feel free to use it to search out good deals anytime you like!

What blessings did you savor this week? Post your 7 and link up anytime over the weekend. Even if you don't post {or don't have a blog}, I'd love to hear about your blessings!

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Have a blessed weekend friends!  

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  1. It's so funny, we were just talking about how most of our furniture and stuff came from Craigslist. Like seriously 90% of our furniture. Hutches, living room furniture, dining room table, kids bunk beds etc. Love craigslist.

    I went to Chipotle's for the first time not to long ago. The beef I had was VERY fatty but I'll give it another shot and just not get the beef. *wink*

    Big homegrown brussels make all the difference in the world and that might be the problem size hugs to you!


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