Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Simple Itch Relief

Feeling itchy is so miserable, whether it's from a rash of some kind or an insect bite. Only in the last year or so did I discover that one of the products we already had in our house relieves the itchiness! It's Witch Hazel.

We simply wet a cotton ball with it, gently rub it over the rash or bites and aaaahhhhh...sweet relief! This makes me happy as I get bad reactions to mosquito bites and the itching drives me crazy!  Much better to relieve the itch than to keep on scratching as the scratching can lead to infection.

Witch Hazel is very inexpensive {frugal is always fabulous} and can be found in places like drugstores, Walmart, or even in grocery stores. It's also at Dollar Tree in this little bottle with a handy squeeze top.

We've been using Witch Hazel for years as a facial astringent. My teenage son is now using it when he gets home from school to help control his acne. Apparently it's good for minor cuts and abrasions also. I've seen some other possible uses for it on the internet but haven't tried any.

Have you ever used Witch Hazel astringent for itch relief? What else have you used it for?

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  1. Yes, I have used it as itch relief, not even realizing it was recommended for that. I just tried it, and it seemed to work. I use it to clean skin irritations and wounds and when my varicose veins flared up (before surgery last year).


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