Saturday, October 12, 2013

You CAN Find The Little Blessings {Savor 7 Saturday}

If I can find the little blessings in daily life, then you can too! Welcome back to Savor 7 {Saturday}! This is where I look back at my blessings from the week. But this week I thought I'd focus on the little blessings that aren't so obvious.

It's fairly easy to list out our big blessings. But what about the weeks where nothing extraordinary happens to us and all we experience is the daily mundane tasks like dishes and laundry? Can we find the blessings to savor?

I say yes! Some of it is just a matter of perspective and some of it is forcing yourself {with a little help from the Lord} to really see beyond the drudgery.

Let's put it into practice by making all 7 blessings right from one mundane household task - laundry. Everybody knows that the obvious blessing of laundry is that it means we have clothes to wear! But let's go beyond that. Here are 7 more blessings of having to do laundry:

1.  I have a washing machine {you probably have one too or at least access to one}. It's a big time-saver not to have to wash all our clothes by hand like they did years ago.

2.  I have laundry soap, which means that I'm able to go to the store and buy what I need for our household. I'm blessed to have the means to do that.

3.  I'm physically capable of doing the laundry. I'm blessed with health - I'm not paralyzed or too crippled to get to my washing machine.

4.  As I wash my son's clothes year after year, I watch the clothing styles and sizes change. I'm blessed to have our son and to be able to watch him grow up. {Um, I've watched my clothes growing in size too, but let's not go there - LOL!}

5.  I'm blessed to be able to *cheat* and sometimes throw son's school clothes in the dryer to get the wrinkles out instead of ironing them. :)

6.  We have electricity in our house to run the washing machine and power so many other appliances. Having electricity is a blessing we often take for granted.

7.  Laundry=Memories. A grease stain reminds me how my hubs fixed my car. A snag reminds me how my son enjoys school. A spot reminds me how I came up with a new recipe to try! Certain items remind me of anniversaries or birthdays or vacations - such a blessing to remember all those times with family!

Now it might feel a bit silly when you first try it, but if you keep finding the blessings in the mundane, it can slowly change how you look at your daily life. The blessings are all around us, just waiting to be savored! I challenge you to give it a try!

You CAN find the little blessings!

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Have a blessed day friends!


  1. I think having children keeps us reminded because I find myself constantly reminding them which makes me remember at the same time. Did that even make any sense? It is early. LOL!
    Big using the dryer as an wrinkle eliminator is the best invention ever size hugs to you.

    1. You confused me, but it's OK because you made me feel OK about my dryer usage, :)


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