Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You CAN Share Your Failures

If I can share my failures, then you can too! When we share on blogs or Facebook or even *gasp* person-to-person in real life, we usually think about sharing our successes. Why would we want to share failures? Isn't that embarrassing?

Well, yes it is embarrassing - LOL! But in sharing our failures, we make connections. The failures are what make us human and real. Sharing some failure makes others feel better. Not only can you share what *not* to do, but you make people feel a little more at ease around you. Think of a time when you discovered that a friend wasn't perfect {sink full of dishes, cobweb in the corner, thick layer of dust on a shelf, etc.<---oh wait, that's me} - didn't most of you feel a sense of relief?

Years ago, I had a friend confess to me that she kept all her clean clothes piled up on a chair in the living room - hoping that it would motivate her to get them folded and put away faster. But she often found herself having to scramble and move the pile to the bedroom when people came over. She was able to go ahead and leave her clean clothes piled up when I came over, and I loved her for that!! My clean clothes pile was always hidden away in my bedroom. To this day I think of her when I have clean clothes piled up and I feel a little better knowing that she has a pile too. :) {Now that's not an excuse to never fold them up - LOL.}

I've shared a few failures on my blog, like The Muffin Fail, The Pound Cake Fail, and a Decorating Fail just to name a few . I first saw failures shared on other blogs and realized that I gave more credibility to the bloggers that showed me the "real" side of things. Publicly sharing some of your failures {maybe not every single failure you experience 'cause that's all I'd be writing about some days} is the authentic thing to do. First, you discover that you're not alone! And then you discover that you no longer give others an unrealistic standard to strive for. Nobody is perfect, so why don't we share that side a little more often?

You CAN share your failures!

Don't be afraid - everybody fails at something. Just because you fail doesn't mean that YOU are a failure! If you've never shared any of your failures due to fear or embarrassment, try stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing one on a blog, on Facebook, or in real life and see what kind of reaction you get!

What failures have you experienced recently? Have you publicly shared any failures? How do people react when you do share failures? Share in the comments!

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Have a blessed day friends!


  1. I shared a classic fail on my Homesteader's Heart page yesterday. LOL! I love that you're not perfect my friend. There would be too much pressure to compete. Because you know everything has to be a competition. LOL!
    Big blog worthy fails are the best size hugs to you!

    1. We gotta share the fails so we can have a few laughs together, right?! :)


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