Monday, December 30, 2013

December Declutter Update

I posted about my December Declutter challenge earlier this month. I really wanted to offset some of the "stuff" that makes its way into our homes during this month. But I wanted it to be a simple challenge. So I attempted to get rid of 100 items, but only spending about 10 minutes a day - no big reorganization projects.

I didn't care how small or big the items were because I knew they would add up. So I included items ranging from stickers and pens to books and clothing. Though I still have until the end of the 31st, as of right now, I'm up to 113 items!! Some of it is being donated {a trip to Good Will in the afternoon} and much was thrown away. I really liked seeing how just a few minutes finding 3-4 items each day added up at the end of the month.

Here are my donation items for the month...

Did you join in the challenge? If so, how many items did you get rid of in December? {You still have a few hours left to get rid of stuff - LOL!}

A couple of people have mentioned that they are looking for a decluttering challenge for January. Are you? What works best to keep you on track in a challenge?

Have a blessed day, friends!


  1. I'd but up for a challenge. This house needs a good decluttering.

  2. I kinda have a go through every month. I think I realize as time goes on when I do and do not really need an item. It's been great getting rid of the clutter. And it's less to move around or dust.
    Big I could complete the challenge just by cleaning off my desk size hugs to you!
    LOVE YA!


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